(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Dou Suli from Juancheng County, Heze City, Shandong Province was illegally arrested. Participating in the arrest were officers from Juancheng County Police Department and the 610 Office. By the time of her release on October 7, 2006, she had lost all feeling and was disabled, despite medical treatments. She could not speak and lost the ability to take care of herself because of paralysis in the right side of her body. She passed away on May 25, 2007.

Before her death, Ms. Dou Suli endured two occasions of harassment from Juancheng County 610 Office.

How it all began: Juancheng County Police Department Workers' Union head Bian Banjun and Chen Baodong, head of the National Security Division, led 16 officers to break into Dou Suli's home on September 26, 2005. They ransacked the home but did not find any Falun Gong material.

The police took Dou Suli to the county detention center and tortured her until she lost consciousness before sending her to a hospital. They told her family to pick her up.

After the torture left Dou Suli paralyzed, her family frequently went to the National Security Division, the former Politics and Security Division to address the matter, but no one took responsibility for her injuries. The family tried to hire a lawyer but no one was willing to represent them for fear of reprisal.

Bian Bangjun and Chen Baodong arranged for many Falun Gong practitioners' homes to be ransacked. They arrested many practitioners and sent more than ten to labor camps. Juancheng County Police Department head Liu Jitang closely followed Jiang Zemin's villainous group and brutally persecuted Falun Gong practitioners. Liu Jitang headed the 610 Office between the end of 2004 and April 2005. He joined police officer Chen Baodong. They arrested many practitioners and ransacked their homes.

Contact information for persecutors:

National Security Division: 86-530-2421374 ext. 4454
Bian Bangjun: head of Juancheng County Police Department Workers' Union, 86-530-2421372, 86-530-2420356 (Home), 86-13905403058 (Cell)
Chen Baodong: head of the National Security Division, 86-530-2421374 ext. 4420, 86-530-2424367 (Home), 86-13954019986 (Cell)
Li Hong: deputy head of the National Security Division, 86-530-2421374 ext. 4454, 86-530-2429083 (Home), 86-13954095938 (Cell)
Song Shuqing: head of the police department, 86-530-2413979 (Office), 86-13515302928 (Cell)
Li Yonghong: political head at the police department, 86-530-2420375 (Office), 86-13326212088 (Cell)