(Clearwisdom.net) Master Li taught in "Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference":

"When there is something wrong with an assistant, the responsibility he must bear for it is for sure greater, and you all know that. Master has countless Law Bodies who look after these things, and they will definitely not let his problems or opportunities for improvement go unattended to."

"The attitude each cultivator has toward others is a reflection of his own cultivation, and you should all be clear on these things."

After reading this, I suddenly enlightened and was shocked that in the past my trust in Master and Dafa was not righteous enough and I did not truly believe that everything is arranged by Master.

Sometimes I was not happy when I saw a particular fellow practitioner or thought another practitioner had a problem. My mind could not let it go because of my attachment of seeing others' problems. Especially when I thought that the coordinators' problems were very serious and I was concerned that their problems would have a negative influence on the group. My own human attachments to self and watching others made the problem last even longer. If, when encountering difficulties one worries and has an indignant attitude, this actually depicts one's inflated human attachments, because one simply does not act as a practitioner should, lacking righteous belief in Master.

I noticed when I looked at fellow practitioners and faced problems, my first thought was to protect myself. Whenever someone touched upon my attachments, my human side would become very upset and I could not look within to find out why I reacted in such a way. I was also unable to examine myself on whether I had similar attachments which I had not gotten rid of yet. Therefore, these thoughts should be completely changed and the fluctuation of human thoughts should be removed. We need to turn our attention toward ourselves, search within and cultivate ourselves well.

Actually, the truth is that Dafa is saving all lives, the characteristic of the universe is governing everything, and Master takes care of everything. Only when we truly believe in Master and Dafa are we able to continuously improve our environment and create a pure Fa- rectification environment for Falun Dafa practitioners.