(Clearwisdom.net) I am very fortunate to have participated in Master's Fa teaching classes in Hefei City, Anhui Province. Afterwards Master Li was invited to Lingyuan City, Liaoning Province, to teach the Fa. Here I would like to share several recollections about the time Master came to Lingyuan to teach the Fa.

1. I met Master before I started to cultivate

One day in June, 1993, it was very hot and I was loosening the soil and applying fertilizer to the sunflowers on a hill. When I looked up, I saw a person walking towards me from the middle of the hill. He wore exercise clothes and a grass hat. At the time I felt that he was so different and thought that he must be a master. When he got in front of me, I said, "Master, where are you going?" The master said, "Look, how tired you are." I said, "Master, there is spare land next to here, you can sow it." He said, "I will go to upper places if I want to sow." When I looked up again, I could not find him any more.

At the end of September, 1993, I saw the news in the China Sport Newspaper that Falun Gong, the China Qigong Scientific Research Association's Direct Sub Qigong, would have classes starting October 8, in Beijing. I arrived in Beijing on October 7. Since it was not allowed to gather in Beijing, the classes were canceled, but practitioners coming from other places all wanted to see Master. After coordinating with staff members, they still did not allow it, so, Master Li asked staff to give the book China Falun Gong to practitioners from out of town. When I opened the book and saw Master's photo, I saw that he was just the one I saw on the hill. I had seen Master before I started cultivation.

2. Master knew our wish

On November 21, 1993, I participated in the classes Master held in Hefei. Master gave nine lectures, and I listened carefully to each one. When I listened to one lecture, I felt that I had heard it somewhere before. Some practitioners wanted to take a picture together with Master, and Master agreed. When I learned that Master would take a picture with practitioners during lunch time, I stood beside the service desk and looked at the stairs without blinking. Suddenly I saw Master's body coming from a remote cosmos and arriving at the service desk in one step, then he walked towards practitioners step by step like an ordinary person. I felt that Master is so compassionate and great. I said only one sentence, "Master comes."

During the lectures, we practitioners wrote a letter to Master and expressed that we hoped he could come to Lingyuan and give lectures. At the end of the lectures, we learned that Master would have a meal at a certain restaurant and immediately went to the restaurant and waited for him. Then somebody said, "Master is waiting for you." We walked to the front and looked at Master sincerely. At the time, I felt that he was the Master I was looking for. Master compassionately asked us, "Do you have a place? Will your officers support it? If it's not a problem, and you can have 200 people, I will go to give lectures during the new year holidays." We answered that it was no problem. Master satisfied our hopes.

3. Master is compassionate, and comes at last

On February 20, 1994, Master came to the Lingyuan Steel Company by car. On February 21, Master gave lectures in the Lingyuan Steel Company Workers' Culture Theater. Practitioners were from Shandong, Beijing, Jilin, and other places. More than 800 people were there.

Master is very economizing. He stayed in the hotel of the Lingyuan Steel Company. At the beginning we arranged for a luxury room, but he transferred to an ordinary room after one night, and then he checked himself out. I was in charge of the meals for the staff and for Master. Master didn't want anything special and had whatever the other practitioners had.

Master was responsible to every practitioner who participated in the classes. All the practitioners were registered by the staff. When the class began in the morning, Master pointed out two people and said that they were not qualified for the classes and asked the staff to refund their tickets. One of them had a mental disease and the other one practiced another qigong and had already suffered a mental collapse.

On February 28, 1994, Master finished his classes at the Lingyuan Steel Company and he left a precious poem for practitioners in Lingyuan.

Clear Harmony

With Zhen Shan Ren nestled in the heart,
Cultivating oneself, in turn, betters a society.
With Dafa never off the mind,
Surely you will transcend others in time.

February 28, 1994 (Hong Yin)