(Clearwisdom.net) Around the new year of 2007, several Dafa disciples from the Xingtai Dongpang Coal Mine and Neiqiu County were kidnapped by policemen of the National Defendant Departments of Neiqiu County and Xingtai City because of distributing Falun Gong materials and the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Another Dafa disciple, Xing Youlu, director of Dongpang Coal Mine Region, was kidnapped as well. In the coal mine hotel Xing Youlu was tortured, hand-cuffed and put in shackles. He was then sent to the Second Detention Center of Xingtai.

Before the new year two Falun Dafa practitioners were kidnapped by Li Yinxing of the National Defendant Department. These two practitioners could not bear the torture and they exposed 40 year-old Dafa disciple Xing Youlu, a graduate from the Harbin Industry University. The police searched him and found copies of the Nine Commentaries and some other Falun Gong materials in his house. Guo Shoukun was also revealed to the police. The police found a computer and a copy machine under his bed. The Neiqiu National Defendant Department and the Defendant Office of the Coal Mine asked Xing Youlu for twenty thousand Yuan and Guo Shoukun for two thousand Yuan as a "guarantee cash deposit".

On the morning after the new year, policemen of the Neiqiu National Defendant Department took Guo Shoukun to Xingtai City National Defendant Department to torture him. They also illegally searched his home. On March 15, the Neiqiu and Xingtai National Defendant Departments attempted to persecute him further, but Guo Shoukun escaped with righteous thoughts. He has now been forced to wander about with no place to live.

Because of this case, the Xingtai City created a so called "Special Case Group." The leader of this group is the City National Defendant Department director, Liu Shucang. The vice director of the Xingtai City Police Department Jia Zheng (who is the son of the former director of the Xingtai National Peoples Congress), and the director of the "610" Office Chen Rubao, are all involved in the persecution. The Hebei province government assigned an officer to deal with this case and appropriated two million Yuan for it. The Xingtai National Defendant Department assigned 50 people and five or six cars (including a detective car) to this special group. Their purpose is to attempt to detect truth-clarification material production sites.

We ask that all of the Xingtai Falun Dafa disciples send out strong righteous thoughts to completely eliminate all the evil factors in the National Defendant Departments of Xintai City and Neiqiu County and totally deny the arrangement made by the old forces. We suggest the disciples who were in contact with Guo Shoukun and Xing Youlu calm down and study the Fa, unconditionally look inward, and make ourselves right. Do not cooperate with the evil in any environment and make our cultivation straight and true.

The secretary of the Xingtai City Police and the Law Committee: Dai Zhanyin;

The director of the"610" Office: Chen Rubao;

The director of the Qiaoxi District Police Department: Xie Jiyun; the vice director: Liu Weifeng.