(Clearwisdom.net) I am over eighty years old. Every time I remember the days when I attended Master Li's Fa lecture classes, it seems like only yesterday. Everything comes to mind clearly - Master's grace is unforgettable.

It seemed at first purely accidental for me to attend Master's lecture classes. I went to visit my daughter at her home in February 1994, right after the Chinese New Year. I sat on her sofa and felt that my face, nose and eyes were throbbing. At that time I thought I was tired after taking the train, so I told my daughter, "How come I feel many spots on my body are throbbing?" My daughter excitedly said to me, "Mom, you really have a predestined relationship. It is Falun that is helping you adjust your body!"

I didn't know what Falun was, and my daughter briefly introduced to me Falun Gong and the the situation of Master spreading Dafa. Then she said, "Mom, please don't go home too soon. On April 15, Master will come to hold a class. Let's attend it together." I had practiced other Qigong at that time, so I was not quite interested in learning the practice. Now when I look back, I realize my enlightenment quality was poor.

My daughter found that I was not very keen to learn and she showed Master's picture to me. As soon as I saw Master's picture, I felt that Master was very kind and looked so familiar that I seemed to have seen Master somewhere in the past. I thought, "If He can be a Master at such a young age, He must be extraordinary."

In this way, I was lucky enough to attend Master's lecture classes in Hefei City in April 1994. Those days were the happiest time in my life. The classes were scheduled to be 10 days, but Master took into account the difficulty that practitioners from other cities had in arranging accommodation and food, so he lectured longer each day and reduced the classes to 8 days.

The first day of the lecture, my seat was on the side, so I could not see Master clearly, but I didn't know why my tears kept flowing. I didn't understand the reason. I just thought that at such an old age, I still cried like a child, and should not let other practitioners see it, otherwise, it would be quite embarrassing. Now when I look back, I realize that because my clear side saw how happy I was and I was lucky enough to attend Master's Fa lectures, and it also saw how many good things I received from Master and how many bad things were removed, my clear side was too excited. Later, in order to be able to see Master at a closer distance, I came to class in advance and waited at the gate of the lecture hall to see Master more closely. I didn't know what kind of courtesy we should show Master, nor did I know how to put my two hands in the heshi position to greet Master. I only looked at Master like a child and felt extremely happy as soon as I saw Him.

My enlightenment quality was not very high and my purpose in attending the Fa lectures was to see Master. The first two days I could not understand what Master was saying, nor did I give too much thought about it. On the third day, Master told us that he would help us adjust our bodies and he told us to stand up and make an effort to stamp our feet, left foot first and then the right foot. I thought, "My right foot has had a problem from childhood and I felt pain in my feet whenever I walked for any length of time. How could I dare to stamp my feet!" Then I thought, "Master is here, what am I still afraid of?" At this time, the left foot stamping finished and I could feel the whole room was shaking. Now it was time to stamp the right foot. Master said, "Stamp your feet with force!" I stamped my right foot with force and I didn't feel painful at all. Instead I felt quite comfortable. From then on, I no longer felt any right foot pain.

After Master adjusted our bodies, I truly realized that I had met a true Master and I started to listen to Master's lecture carefully. After finishing ten lectures, I felt that my views on the world and life all changed and I no longer treated people and issues in the ways that I used to. I also understood that every person should be sincere, kind, and tolerant, and I really felt regretful for not listening to the lectures the first two days. I regret that even now. From the Fa lecture classes, my other diseases, such as stomachache, heart burn, and coughing, all disappeared. At that time, I didn't have a deep enough understanding of cultivation. I didn't fully understand the true implication of Falun Dafa and the principle of "Truth-Compassion-Tolerance" that Master told us. But Master's words, behavior, face, and smile were deeply impressed on my mind. In the later stage of cultivation, no matter how difficult it was, I could require myself with the principles of "Truth-Compassion-Tolerance" at any time and any occasion and nothing could change my determination to cultivate Dafa.

After we finished the eight days of classes, we all gathered at the gate of the lecture hall and didn't want to leave. It was dark and my daughter rode a bike to take me away and we went back home on the bumpy, unsurfaced road. After one hour, my daughter and I arrived at her home safe and sound. However, when my daughter prepared to push the bike into the vehicle shed, she could not move it. After carefully checking it, she found that the pedal mechanism was completely broken. We were both shocked when we saw this and also felt afraid. At the same time, we suddenly enlightened that Master protected us the whole way.

Later on, I persisted in studying Dafa and practicing the exercises, my thought and realm were upgraded and I genuinely felt the beauty that Dafa brought to us. Master's compassionate salvation helped me personally feel the great compassion of Buddha.

After July 20, 1999, Jiang cracked down and persecuted Falun Gong. I have been detained, coerced and intimidated, but no matter how severe the environment, nothing can shake my determination to cultivate Falun Dafa.

It has been thirteen years since I obtained Dafa. I have read many articles about the experiences that other practitioners had attending Master's lecture classes, and wanted to express my own feelings. I was lucky enough to see Master and also listen to Master's lectures, but because I was not well-educated, I could not fully express my gratitude towards Master. So I delayed until today to write this. I thank Master and also hope all our Dafa practitioners will make the best use of their time to do the three things that Master asks us to do and strive forward diligently on the path to godhood.