(Clearwisdom.net) I've been writing articles for the Clearwisdom website for two and a half years. Reading articles published on the Clearwisdom site has helped me catch up with the Fa-rectification process. It has also helped me in assisting Teacher with Fa-rectification, cultivating myself, and doing the three things well. In their articles, fellow practitioners have exposed the persecution and shared their experiences. I think the articles carry strong righteous thoughts and are clear and pure. They have deep meanings and read very well. I can see that the authors put their hearts into their articles.

By reading those articles, I came to realize that it is our responsibility as Falun Dafa practitioners to build the Clearwisdom website and to strive forward diligently together. This prompted me to start to submit articles to the site. Some of my articles were published and used in the "Minghui Weekly", some were recommended to fellow practitioners by the Clearwisdom editors, some were republished on other websites, and some were included in truth-clarification materials. Of course, not all my articles were published.

Here I'd like to share my understandings on writing articles.


1. Be truly responsible and submit articles with righteous thoughts

We all know that the Clearwisdom editors receive many articles every day. We can imagine how much effort the editors put into handling these articles in order to be responsible for the Fa and fellow practitioners. Besides this work, they have to find time to do the three things that Teacher asked us to do. Therefore, let's help by being our own editors. When writing an article, we need to keep in mind that once the article gets published, there will be three kinds of readers: fellow practitioners, everyday people, and those responsible for the persecution. Because of this, we need to keep righteous thoughts and be responsible when writing the article, finishing it up, and submitting it. We need to eliminate any interference from our thought karma. When we have a draft, we need to go through it several times to make sure our topic is clear and the article is well-structured. Also, we should do spelling and grammar checks to make sure our sentences are complete and concise and the tone of the article is peaceful and compassionate. We should spend time correcting anything that is unsatisfactory. Of course, for urgent cases that need to reported as soon as possible, we might not have time to do the full review.

When I started to write articles, I was very happy when my articles got published. Later on, I came to realize my responsibilities. Now when I write an article, I try to keep it brief and clear in order to save fellow practitioners' time.

Building the Clearwisdom website does not only require submitting more articles but also high quality articles. We'll save our editors some time if we put more effort into our articles. Then our editors can spend more time on other things. Even so, based on my experience, the editors will still have to do some editing on my articles.

2. We need to truly think of our readers when writing an article

We know that the articles published on the Clearwisdom website need to have good truth-clarification impact on both the overall situation and on all the three types of readers. I have had personal experience with this.

I once submitted an article about a veteran Falun Dafa practitioner in the countryside. In 2003 he saw an egg in his yard with three very clear characters: "God Has Arrived." The characters seemed to have beenn written from the inside out and appeared very natural. I can guarantee that this indeed happened.

The practitioner took a picture of the egg. I wrote an article about this actual event, and I included the picture as well. I submitted the article to the Clearwisdom website.

However, this article didn't get published. Originally I couldn't understand why. The picture of the stone that reads "The Chinese Communist Party Is Doomed" was published. Why wasn't the picture of the egg that says "God Has Arrived" published? When I calmed down, I realized that the stone can serve as a good prophecy to wake people up when we clarify the truth and save sentient beings. Besides, the stone can be verified and examined by the public. If my egg article got published, fellow practitioners would believe it. But the egg cannot be easily verified and examined by people. The Chinese Communist Party could very possibly take advantage of this to interfere with the Fa-rectification.

We can see that the Clearwisdom editors are very responsible when deciding which articles to publish. Meanwhile, my experience showed that there may be good articles that cannot be published at this time due to various reasons.

3. A little suggestion

Many articles are about personal understandings and cultivation experiences. They are very sincere, pure, and appropriate. For the articles that are about other practitioners' experiences or validating the Fa, we need to make sure they are also accurate, clear, and complete. We need to keep our articles accurate and use righteous thoughts to harmonize with fellow practitioners and our overall whole body. Being responsible to the Fa and fellow practitioners is to be responsible for ourselves. The Fa is the criterion. Gods throughout the whole cosmos are looking at us. Therefore, we need to take responsibility for what we do.

The above is my personal understanding. Please correct me if I have said anything inappropriate.