(Clearwisdom.net) On April 5, 2007, practitioner Ms. Tang Hengfen from Jixi City, Heilongjiang Province, was illegally arrested. She was imprisoned in the Jixi City No. 1 Detention Center, where she refused to be "transformed" and resisted persecution for two months. Recently, the Procuratorate and the court decided to hold her trial on June 13.

On around May 24, Ms. Tang's attorney was allowed to meet with Ms. Tang. Because her attorney did not know the truth about Falun Gong, he said, "You have committed the crime that the court accuses you of. You should admit to it so that I can easily talk to the court for you." Ms. Tang asked her attorney, "Are you saying that if I plead guilty, the court will allow me to go home?" Her attorney said, "It is not like that. I only can ask the court to reduce your jail time." Ms. Tang replied, "I will not give up my belief in Falun Dafa. Clarifying the truth is legal, so I am not guilty."

Ms. Tang's 16-year-old son now lives with his grandmother and is still unaware of his mother's arrest. Ms. Tang's 82-year-old mother misses her daughter so much that she has become ill four or five times.

Since the Minghui/Clearwisdom website publicized Ms. Tang Hengfen's arrest on May 18, her attorneys and the personnel of the Procuratorate related to her case have received phone calls from practitioners both inside and outside of China. Some recipients of these calls were unwilling to listen to the truth clarification and have intensified the pressure on Ms. Tang's family members.

An official of the Jiguan District Procuratorate in Jixi City called Ms. Tang's older sister and threatened, "You are in contact with Falun Gong practitioners. Do you have anything to do with them? Let me tell you that you are already in danger [if you do not cooperate with us]."

Ms. Tang's family has hired two attorneys to defend her. Even after the two attorneys learned the truth, they still encountered difficulties in defending her innocence due to continuous interference from the authorities of law enforcement departments and precedents set by similar cases previously tried in various regions of China.

We hope that practitioners and people with a sense of justice, both inside and outside of China, will help rescue Ms. Tang and clarify the truth to the personnel participating in her persecution.

Below is contact information for the departments and personnel related her case:

The Intermediate Court
Address: The Jixi City People's Court in Heilongjiang Province, north of 201 Guodao, zip code: 158100
Court Chief Xing Guowei: 86-453-2881999

Jiguan District Court
Court chief Dong Shishan: 86-453-2641601

Jixi City Procuratorate
Address: Jixi City Procuratorate, north of 201 Guodao, zip code: 158100
Chief prosecutor: 86-453-2381658

Jiguan District Procuratorate in Jixi City
Address: The Jiguan District Procuratorate in Jixi City, No. 173, Xingguozhonglu, Jixi City, zip code: 158100
Chief prosecutor: 86-453-2682301