(Clearwisdom.net) On Saturday June 16, 2007, six Falun Gong practitioners traveled to a city in Norway called Fredrikstad. Located in the southeast of the country with a little over seventy thousand inhabitants, Fredriksatd is the sixth largest city in Norway. In the hot summer sun the practitioners gathered to let local people know about the atrocities being committed in China under the Communist Party's dictatorship.

Practitioners distribute leaflets An article about the activity in the local paper

The people coming down the main street were horrified by the brutality of the persecution and the majority had already heard about it. Many were touched and showed a genuine wish to help. They signed practitioners' petition after reading the distributed flyers closely.

The local paper, Fredrikstad Blad, which has reported on this issue before, came and covered the event with a brief editorial about what the practitioners were doing.

Practitioners in Norway will continue to hold these activities until the persecution of Falun Gong is brought to an end.


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