Paris, June 14th, 2007, Association Falun Gong France - According to Mrs. Yao Lian, Ma Jian's wife, presently residing in Canada, on May 17th 2007, Ma Jian was transferred to the special torture unit of the Beijing Labor Camp Inmates Dispatching Unit before going into a forced labor camp in Beijing to serve an illegal sentence of 2.5 years. In the beginning of June 2007, when Ma Jian's family visited him at the special unit, he was described as 'visibly emaciated'.

At the end of April, his family received a judiciary notification informing them that Ma Jian was convicted due to the fact that he was in possession of Falun Gong related documents.

Ma Jian was the General Manager for the French PCM oil pump company in China. Before the arrest, he was in charge of the company's business in China and the entire North Asia area. On February 28th, 2007, while working in his Beijing office, Ma Jian was brutally beaten and arbitrarily arrested by more than ten police officers. After spending three weeks in a brainwashing camp, Ma Jian did not renounce his belief in Falun Gong and the agitated authorities transferred him into the East-Beijing Detention Centre until May 17th.

Due to tremendous of pressure exerted by the Chinese authorities, the PCM Company was forced to keep silent on this matter for the moment.

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Chronicle of Ma Jian's persecution by Chinese police:

February 28th: arbitrary arrest at PCM office in Beijing (at about 5pm, from his office in the Continental Palace of Beijing's Dongcheng District)

Police detention without informing his family nor his employer (the policeman authorities refused to give out information of Ma Jian's whereabouts)

3 weeks in a brainwashing center in an attempt to "transform" Ma Jian (the police refused to give out the address of the brainwashing class.)

March 19th: Ma Jian was transferred to the East-Beijing Detention Center (Qiliqu, Daxing District of Beijing)

April 19th: Ma Jian's family member in China received the official condemnation by phone call - a verdict of 2.5 years in labor camp for having Falun Gong related documents at home.

May 17th: Ma Jian was transferred into a special torture and brainwashing unit called the Transition Camp. According to the police authorities, this is a special 'boot camp' styled detention unit where Falun Gong detainees receive intense torture and brain-washing before being sent to a labor camp.

* Transition Camp: A special military unit of the labor camp's repression system (called "lao jiao" or "lao gai" in Chinese: forced labor transformation or forced labor education) was formed after 2001 to persecute Falun Gong practitioners who have strong faith. It is yet another effort to force them to renounce their beliefs by means of immense torture and brain-washing.

Sample of torture methods used in the camp :

• 24 hour brain-washing forced watching and listening to defamatory messages about Falungong, etc

• Prolonged beating with torture instrument such as electrical batons

• Long-term sleep deprivation often days or even weeks

• Tying or shackling the body to a hard object in various bending positions for days

• Violent force feeding sometimes with high-density salt water or nerve damaging medication by directly inserting industrial tubes into inmate's stomach via nostrils. The tubes are then twisted to induce intensive pain. Often the dirty tubes are left in the stomach for hours even weeks.

Source http://clearharmony.net/articles/200706/39944.html