People Who Know the Truth Protest the Persecution in Jianli County

1. A local officer from Jianli County in Hubei Province tried to harass a practitioner. The officer went to a village official and ordered him to take him to the practitioner's home. The official, however, already knew the facts and said to the officer, "The Falun Gong practitioners in our villages are all good people. They have done nothing bad. If they do anything bad, you can send me to jail." The officer didn't believe what he heard, so the official added, "You are free, but I'm very busy. I have to work in the field and have no time to chat with you." Then he ignored the officer and walked away.

2. Another policeman wanted to send a certain practitioner to a brainwashing center. He ordered that someone from the practitioner's workplace accompany him and even tried to extort money from his workplace. The boss, who knew the truth, said to the policeman, "None of the people who work here would do such a thing, and besides, we have no money!"

3. Another policeman went to a practitioner's home and tried to take the woman to a brainwashing center. Her husband knew the truth and stopped the policeman saying, "She did nothing wrong. She is the main wage earner in our family. If you take her away, you must compensate me 40 yuan a day, otherwise I won't let you take her."

A Person from the 610 Office Knows the Facts and Warned a Practitioner

The evening of May 1, 2007, someone from the 610 Office called the village Party secretary saying, "Tell the practitioner in your village to hide and move things. Agents from the 610 Office will ransack his/her house." The village Party secretary went to the practitioner's home at 9:00 p.m. The practitioner and all questionable belongings were transferred to a safe location.

With practitioners telling the facts of Falun Gong daily for the past several years, more and more people have gotten to know the facts, and more and more people protest the evil persecution.