(Clearwisdom.net) At around 4:00 p.m. on May 15, 2007 in Yunmeng County, Hubei Province, Deng Guobin, Yu Meng and another member from the National Security Bureau illegally arrested Dafa practitioner Ms. Qiu Shuangying from the fashion shop where she was working. Ms. Qiu shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" loudly and clarified the truth to all the onlookers, telling them that Dafa disciples are all good people, but are unjustly persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Infuriated, the policemen beat Ms. Qiu in front of the public. She continued to clarify the truth to the onlookers. A large crowd of over a hundred people gathered. Beating up a harmless woman, unafraid in the face of terror, caused the three policemen to panic. Feeling guilty, they called up some ten other policemen who arrived and arrested Ms. Qiu. They took her away to the Yunmeng Detention Center for further persecution. Through this incident, people were able to see the lies of the CCP's purported "human rights," and "rule of law," as well as the compassion of Dafa disciples.

Before she started cultivation practice, Qiu Shuangying gambled, played poker, indulged herself and even spent more than 1,000 yuan for cosmetic surgery. She was completely lost in the world of desire and did not understand Dafa or cultivation. Yet, who could have imagined that such a materialistic person would become a steadfast Dafa practitioner under Teacher's arrangements? One day in 2003, she called up a friend of hers who told her that she was learning Dafa, and told her about receiving retribution or good rewards based on one's behavior. At that time, Qiu Shuangying replied skeptically, "How can you believe in this? Retribution? Rewards for doing good deeds? I have often torn down those Falun Gong flyers posted on the lamp posts, why haven't I received retribution yet?"

After hanging up the phone, Ms. Qiu suddenly felt an unbearable pain in her stomach. In great pain, she called up her friend, "I have unbearable stomach pain now, is this retribution?" Her friend replied, "Recite the words, 'Falun Dafa is good' and repent sincerely." Qiu Shuangying did as she was told and the pain disappeared immediately. She picked up the phone again and told her friend excitedly that the pain was gone. In this way, her long-lost memory was opened and she became a steadfast cultivator.

Ms. Qiu and her husband had a very good relationship. However, the moment she began cultivation, her husband's attitude changed, and he brought her huge tribulations. Whenever she would start to meditate, her husband would become angry for no reason and would madly choke her until her neck was green and purple with bruises. However, she would always follow Master's teaching to "not hit back when attacked, not talk back when insulted." (Zhuan Falun) Sometimes when she practiced meditation her husband would bite her neck so that her flesh was almost bitten off. Once, her husband slapped her several times in front of family members and friends. Seeing that she did not fight back, he slapped her even harder, and only stopped when he was scolded by relatives. Ms. Qiu did not argue with her husband and simply forbore the entire beating.

After she began to cultivate, Ms. Qiu brought her in-laws, whom she had previously chased away, back home and began to fulfill her duties as a daughter-in-law. Seeing the huge change in her, her in-laws told her husband: "She's such a good daughter-in-law, don't hit her anymore, just let her practice." Under Master's compassionate protection, Qiu Shuangying overcame this great tribulation and opened up a good environment to study the Fa and practice the exercises at home.

Ms. Qiu works at a fashion store. After cultivating Dafa, she started treating others sincerely, honestly and is now very well-liked by her supervisors. One day, she found a platinum necklace worth more than 2,000 yuan at work. After waiting for a few days, no one came to claim it. Ms. Qiu placed an advertisement on television to find its owner. The television station workers were very puzzled, and were astounded that there are still people as honest as her in modern society. They were very moved and only charged her 100 yuan, a 200-yuan discount from the 300-yuan original price. Unfortunately, the owner was not found.

Ms. Qiu Shuangying was betrayed by collaborator Li Hui from Yunmeng County, and was illegally arrested from work by Deng Guobin, Yu Meng and another policeman from the National Security Bureau. At around 8:00 p.m., agents from the National Security Bureau led a gang of men and broke into Ms. Qiu's home. After more than two hours of searching, they illegally took away Ms. Qiu's computer and more than 10,000 yuan worth of possessions.

At the detention center, Ms. Qiu went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution, and tried to encourage the guards to withdraw from the CCP. On the sixth day of her hunger strike, she was brutally force-fed. On the seventh day, her cousin surnamed Liu came from Northeast China to the detention center to try to bribe the prison in order to get Ms. Qiu out, but they lied by saying that as long as he paid 2,000 yuan to send her to a brainwashing center, she would be fine. In this way, Qiu Shuangying was sent to the Tangxun Lake Brainwashing Center on the afternoon of May 21, 2007.

Two other Dafa disciples, Liu Xiaohua and Wang Haihua from Yunmeng County, were also arrested and taken to the same brainwashing center on the morning of May 15, 2007.

We hope that practitioners both in China and overseas who see this can help send righteous thoughts, and make phone calls to China to clarify the truth and fully eliminate the evil.

Relevant people and phone numbers:

Yunmeng County 610 Office Director Wang Sixiang:86-712-4321003 (Office), 86-13972647889 (Cell)
Secretary of the Political and Judicial Committee, Chief of the Public Security Bureau, Lin Tao: 86-712-4322764 (Office), 86-13807294985 (Cell)
Deputy Secretary of the Political and Judicial Committee, Guan Xiangping: 86-712-4326899 (Home), 86-13707294869 (Cell)
Deputy Chief of the Public Security Bureau: Gao Deming (chiefly in charge of persecuting Falun Gong, former Chief of the Chengguan Police Station)
Yunmeng National Protection Team: Deng Guobin, Yu Meng, Zhang Xiaoqing, Hu Zhongjie, Yu Xiaoke
Chengguan Police Station Instructor Zhou Yinchi: 86-712-4221508 (Home)
Wang Ziqiang: 86-712-4326096 (Home)
Deputy Chief of Chengguan Police Station, Li Yingbo (Part of the house break-in on Feb. 17, 2004): 86-712-4325785 (Home)
Deputy Chief of Chengguan Police Station Nie Zhiwei (Part of the house break-in on Feb. 17, 2004): 86-712-4325589 (Home)
Chief of the Yunmeng County People's Procuratorate: 86-712-4222280
Fax: 86-712-4222822, Report email: ymjc@ymjc.com.cn, Procuratorate email: lihong@ymjc.com.cn