Practitioner Mr. Wang Lifeng, over 30, from Urumqi, Xinjiang Autonomous Region was arrested in the summer of 2006, and has been detained in Xishan Detention Center, Urumqi. In December 2006, someone visited him and took winter clothes to him. However, the warden said he had been released one month before. When the visitor asked for more details, the warden said he knew nothing. Since Mr. Wang does not have family, and other people cannot visit him, we cannot know the true situation. However, we can be sure that Mr. Wang has not been released. If he had been released, he would have tried to contact fellow practitioners.

Ms. Luo Chuanmei, a practitioner from Urumqi, was arrested on March 8, 2006 and sentenced secretly. The police did not inform her family. Ms. Luo had been living with her 80-year-old mother before being arrested. Her mother tried various ways to inquire about her whereabouts. The police said Ms. Luo was sentenced to prison. Her mother went to the prison to visit her, but the guard said that since she (the mother) practiced Falun Gong too, she could not visit her daughter. Ms. Luo's mother insisted, and the guards conceded. However, they did not allow the mother and daughter to speak. Ms. Luo refused to wear prison clothes, and the guards forbade her to wear her own clothes. The winter in northern China is very cold. Ms. Luo wore thin clothes and suffered torture from the guards.

Ms. Luo Chuanmei's mother is living by herself, and no one takes care of her. We appeal to the international community, organizations, and kind people to pay attention and help.

Shuimogou Women's Detention Center in Urumqi has long detained practitioners. Sometimes the practitioners protest the persecution with hunger strikes. Dr. Wen (female) force-feeds practitioners who are on hunger strikes. She pushes them into a chair, and uses a very thick rubber tube to smash their noses, making them bleed. She covers their noses, but the blood quickly filters through, flowing to the ground and onto the practitioners' clothes. She shouts, "Whoever goes on a hunger strike, I will force-feed you!" Over the past few years, she has tortured several practitioners. This wicked person stares at and abuses practitioners whenever she sees them.

At Shuimogou Women's Detention Center, guards Fu Li, Ma Xinhong and Li have often abused practitioners, beat and kicked them, made them stand against a wall for a long time, forced them to wear handcuffs and shackles for long time, forbid them to sleep, forbid old practitioners to go to the bathroom, and made them sleep on the cold floor in winter.