(Clearwisdom.net) The writer lives in a city in Northern China. I have witnessed and heard about several miracles experienced by local Dafa practitioners during this period of Fa-rectification. Here are some examples shared with fellow practitioners.

A Young Practitioner with Deep Tranquility

Yu Mei (not her real name) is unsophisticated and virtuous. On the college entrance exams last year, she was the top science scholar in our city. She enrolled at an excellent university with a high mark, 80 points higher than the average.

Her high school teacher once told her mother that Yu Mei has a deep tranquility about her that is not easily ruffled. Where is this tranquility from? The source is Dafa cultivation. Yu Mei has never stopped doing the three things required by Teacher, even after the persecution began on July 20, 1999, no matter how difficult her studies or how stressful the environment became. The last seven days before the college entrance examination, she studied the Fa and read Clearwisdom.net every night after school, no matter how late it was.

Yu Mei "clarifies the truth" about Dafa during the holidays, and posts and sends out truth-clarifying materials. She can always intelligently shift the conversation to Dafa when chatting with classmates.

The Police Station Where Everyone is Cultivating Dafa

All of the police officers in a certain county police station have quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and they have all started practicing Falun Dafa. There is another Fa study group composed of police officers who have been cultivating for over two years. The National Security Bureau police have not arrested or harassed any Dafa practitioners for two years.

Lu Mei Cultivated in a Dignified Upright Manner

A female practitioner, Lu Mei (alias) over 30 years old, was working in a hospital laboratory. She had a good personality and was skillful at her job. After the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published, she clarified the truth using the information in the Nine Commentaries. All the staff in the hospital wanted to quit the CCP as a result. The senior director wrote a declaration of quitting the CCP. He even used his real name, in an open and dignified manner.

Lu Mei was assigned to another section as each one learned the truth. She would then convince the director and colleagues in the new section to quit the CCP. There was a young man who could not help crying after he watched the truth-clarification video CD. After he learned about Dafa he became a new practitioner. This young man convinced his parents and more than 20 classmates to quit the evil party, the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers.

Lu Mei sought the right opportunities to help visiting researchers learn the truth and quit the CCP. She intelligently asked if the person had ever joined the Party, the Communist Youth League or the Young Pioneers. If they responded yes, she would discuss the issues, expose the lies and tell them the truth. These people would often then persuade others to quit the CCP, and save more lives.

Since July 20, 1999, Lu Mei has been studying the Fa, and putting the "Minghui Weekly" and truth-clarification information pamphlets in prominent places for interested people to read. As soon as new materials arrived, her colleagues wanted to be the first to read them. Everyone liked reading Minghui Weekly and inquired about it when it was delayed.

A Practice Site is Reopened in the Countryside

There was a big village over 20 li (distance unit, less than 1 mile) away from a town in the Southeast corner of Yi County. Around 2,000 Dafa practitioners did morning exercises at several practice sites every day before July 20, 1999. After the CCP began the persecution, open group practice was forcibly stopped.

Since the beginning of 2006, the rapid progress of Fa-rectification and the cultivation advancement efforts by Dafa practitioners in the area has enabled several practice sites to reopen. Dafa practitioners practice early in the morning, following the melodious music in a relaxed manner. Dafa is more sacred, calm and magnificent these days and will be more so in the difficult months that will follow.

Practitioners in those villages are following the process of Master's Fa-rectification. They expose the evil actions of the persecution and lies by presenting the facts. They have spread the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and convinced others to quit the CCP in nearby towns.

Coming Together as One Body

The main Dafa coordinators in Bing County were two retired people, practitioners who worked well together. The practitioners in that area gradually formed an unbreakable one body, progressing together in cultivation.

We took turns talking to relatives of practitioners who had stopped cultivating and who dared not step forward. Familiar friends talked with them, regardless of any insults, rude remarks or how many times they turned away. Most of the practitioners who learned the Fa before July 20, 1999 had returned to cultivating by June 2006. Many new practitioners have also joined us. Seventy copies of Teacher's new lectures was enough to cover the county at the end of 2005. Now, one thousand copies are not enough to meet the needs of all the new and veteran practitioners, at the end of 2006.

The coordinators arrange for suitable practitioners to help practitioners having trouble with sickness karma or xinxing tests, or problems with equipment at truth-clarification materials production sites, as quickly as possible. They coordinate people and tasks for several groups. These groups tell people about the Nine Commentaries, obtain truth-clarifying materials, and print and distribute them. Each one is in charge of things going on in more than four hundred villages. A car was dispatched weekly to a few remote towns. If the person came back with complicated problems, a meeting would be held to negotiate and discuss solutions.

The truth of Dafa would be explained in different forms and from different angles to personnel in the departments that persecute Dafa (the 610 Office, the police department, the prosecutors, the court staff, judges and others). A new court leader was assigned from another county in 2006. Dafa practitioners sent him truth-clarification materials and looked for some of his friends to speak to him about the Fa. The leader understood the truth and declared that he would not prosecute practitioners.

A Dafa practitioner went to distribute materials one morning in 2006, but was illegally arrested by the local police. A lot of calls came in from overseas practitioners for three days, in a continuous stream. They called the offices, the homes of the leader and deputy leader and their mobile phones, too. The practitioner was released on the third day.

A female practitioner, Zongmei (alias) around 40 years old, opened a haircutting shop. There were two rooms, one for hair cutting and one for massage and beauty. Zong Mei clarified the truth and convinced people to quit the CCP, while cutting their hair. The police and the chief of the state security brigade were convinced to quit the CCP in this way. There were some materials in the room and a truth clarification CD was played for those who wanted to watch.

A practitioner who visited Bing County several times said that the coordinators used the wisdom they enlightened to through Dafa to naturally coordinate things. They were not overly busy or tired, therefore they could study the Fa and do the exercises every day.

April 11, 2007