(Clearwisdom.net) In September 1993, along with eight friends and family members, I attended the third of Teacher's lecture series held in Wuhan City, Hubei Province. Teacher delivered the lectures in an auditorium at Zhongnan University of Finance and Economics (now called Zhongnan University of Politics and Law). Teacher also purified attendees' bodies (cured their illnesses and removed bad substances from their bodies), taught the exercises, and posed for pictures with class attendees. After the class, each student received a laminated Certificate of Completion with Teacher's name and the Falun emblem stamped on it and the student's photo.

Teacher wore a plain jacket and seemed to be a tall and towering figure. He looked calm and peaceful. The auditorium was packed with over one thousand people. Most of the time, the auditorium was quiet and peaceful, during both Teacher's lectures and break time. The students there refrained from making noise and pushing their way to get closer to Teacher. Teacher taught students the immense truth of the universe and clearly explained the real purpose and meaning of human life. In the last lecture session, Teacher answered students' questions, including those that, to me, at least, seemed childish. He also encouraged students to cultivate themselves diligently after they got home. What were the students like? One day, one of my relatives overheard two students talking after class. One student told the other, "I saw that Teacher Li on the podium was a shiny golden Buddha, and the students sitting in the auditorium were filled with black stuff. We're full of karma."

Before the end of the class, Teacher asked the students to write experience sharing articles to hand in. Before I attended the class, I had many attachments. As a result, I had a broken heart and was filled with resentment and confusion about life and the future. I was so eager to find out the purpose of life. Before the class, I was deceived by a sham qigong master from Northeastern China. I attended the class with high hopes and a questioning mind. Teacher's lectures shook the deepest part of my life, yet, on the surface, I was still ignorant. In my experience sharing article I rambled on about the pain and tribulations I suffered growing up. Before the eighth lecture session, many students gathered in front of the auditorium. I could see from a distance that Teacher was standing in the middle of the crowd. I went up to Him and handed Him my experience sharing paper. He put it in the inside pocket of his jacket. Other students also turned in their experience sharing articles. Teacher accepted all of them with a gentle facial expression. Teacher's tall, peaceful figure was like a palatial mountain.

As the students walked out of the auditorium after the last lecture, I couldn't help going to the back of the podium to see Teacher. Teacher and two other staff members were standing there. I abruptly and nervously asked Teacher, "Teacher Li, I practiced other qigong exercises before. Does my body still carry their stuff?" Teacher answered firmly, "No. They have all been removed." I continued, feeling a little embarrassed, "Teacher Li, did you sign the two pictures I put in my experience sharing paper?" A staff member walked up to me, and Teacher asked him to hand me the pictures. I got the pictures and thanked Teacher from the bottom of my heart. Another helper told Teacher that it was getting late and that His car was waiting outside the auditorium.

I felt sad to see Teacher leave. At that time, although I hadn't made up my mind to cultivate Falun Dafa, somehow I just wanted to stay longer with Teacher. I walked out of the auditorium with a relative and saw a student with a camera in his hand, looking for someone to take a picture of him with Teacher. He asked my relative to help take the picture. After he took a picture with Teacher, I hastily walked to Teacher's side and said to the student, "Do you mind taking a picture of us with Teacher?" The student agreed. Teacher smiled and said, "Sure. We do have a predestined relationship." My relative and I stood next to Teacher, one on each side. I stood on the left side of Teacher, feeling like a child. At that moment, I felt calm and at ease. Staff members then asked Teacher to get into the car. Teacher sat in the back seat of a van with the window open. Since the van hadn't started yet, I walked up to Teacher and asked, "Teacher Li, you are always so busy and can't go home for a long time. Don't you miss your family?" Teacher answered quietly, "I don't have a choice. I have to spread the Fa." I wanted to say more, but the van started. I saw Teacher off with reluctance and hesitation.

On the the pictures of me and my relative, Teacher wrote the following two sentences: "A bright future is built on enduring hardship" and "Cultivation is the most important thing among the various things in your life." Almost 14 years have passed, and we understand more and more Teacher's instructions. Teacher put forth so much effort in order to save us, who were confused by illusions and were so close to be dropped into hell and swamped with karma. Practitioners can never pay back what Teacher has given us. Let's live up to Teacher's expectations, unafraid of suffering and hardship, always treat cultivation as the single most important thing in life, and do all three things well so we can return home with Teacher.