(Clearwisdom.net) Qingyang District People's Hospital in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, actively cooperates with the city 610 Office and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They have systematically killed close to ten Falun Gong practitioners. On May 5, 2007, another Dafa practitioner, Ms. Zhao Zhonglin, was killed at a hospital. She was only forty-four years old.

The Falun Gong practitioners murdered by the hospital include: Deng Jianping, Duan Shiqiong, Chen Guijun, Hu Hongyue, Huang Lisha, Shen Lizhi and several Dafa practitioners who never revealed their names. This is a hospital that is affiliated with Chengdu Detention Center. It is a prison hospital utilized to persecute Dafa practitioners. The location of the persecution is the fourth floor, rooms 20 to 60. Many Falun Gong practitioners were force-fed there and injected with nerve-damaging drugs.

Three days after Ms. Zhao Zhonglin was killed, on the afternoon of May 8, an employee of Jinniu Procuratorate notified Zhao Zhonglin's family in person of the death of Ms. Zhao. The CCP officials claimed that they would cremate the body in seven days, but they refused to allow the family to view the body unless they signed certain documents. They told the family: "It is Zhao Zhonglin that started the hunger strike," attempting to blame Zhao for her own death, and refusing to accept any of the responsibility.

Ms. Zhao's mother questioned the staff, "What crime did my daughter commit? You claim that she used a (slanderous term omitted) to disturb the safety of society. What exactly does that mean?" The CCP staff member responded, "We can arrest Falun Gong practitioners whenever and wherever we want."

Ms. Zhao Zhonglin was born on April 2, 1963, and she worked at the Jinjiang Electrical Machinery Plant in Chengdu City. She was an excellent worker. Before 1999, she once received ten thousand yuan as a bonus for her good work. She was a gentle and kind person, but because she believed in "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance," she was subjected to brutal persecution. She was sentenced to two years in a labor camp in 1999 because she appealed for Falun Gong.

Zhao Zhonglin was held in Nanmushi Women's Forced Labor Camp. Guard Zhang Xiaofang shackled her in a small room and used all sorts of methods to torture her. In desperation, Ms. Zhao knocked her head against a glass window to protest the brutal persecution. (Note: Dafa cultivation does not permit behaviors like suicide or self mutilation.) She was bleeding profusely from her head. Another guard, Mao Yuchun, ordered inmates to drag Zhao to the bathroom. They kicked and beat her, and used an instrument to force her mouth open for the purpose of brutally force-feeding her with concentrated salt-water and drugs. Previous to this she had been deprived of her right to use the restroom, and she was forced to squat on the floor for over ten days. She was also allowed to sleep for only one or two hours each night, while wearing handcuffs. Inmates were also instigated to sit on her to torture her. Zhao Zhonglin was very healthy, but after prolonged torture she became emaciated and hunchbacked. After she was released, she went out to clarify the truth to save sentient beings, and was reported while handing out information about the persecution. She was arrested again and sentenced to another three years in a forced labor camp. After being released, she was illegally arrested again and taken to the Xinjin Brainwashing Class.

On November 15, 2006, Ms. Zhao Zhonglin was arrested while clarifying the truth in the Simaqiao area. Policeman Liu Wangyan from Simaqiao Police Station arrested her. The police from Simaqiao and Jianshelu Police Station raided Zhao Zhonglin and her mother's homes, and confiscated her computer and her letters. They attempted to use these as evidence against her. She was held in Pi County Detention Center.

It was the fifth time she had been arrested. She began a hunger strike protesting the persecution. Jinniu Procuratorate issued a warrant for her arrest, but because of her extremely poor health, she was out on bail waiting for the trial. During the New Year in 2007, a staff member named Zhou from Jinniu Procuratorate, along with Liang Xiaobing from Simaqiao Police Station went to Zhao Zhonglin's home and questioned Zhao in front of her family, saying, "Why is it wrong for us to treat you this way?" Zhao Zhonglin replied, "The CCP never abides by the law when its related to Falun Gong practitioners."

On March 22, 2007, a staff member from the Jinniu Procuratorate continuously called Zhao Zhonglin, asking her to come in for a "talk." Zhao Zhonglin complied and went there the next day, but this deception was simply used to arrest her again. Her parents are already in their seventies, and became extremely worried for their missing daughter.

Zhao Zhonglin was held in Pi County Detention Center. She began a hunger strike protesting the persecution and was later transferred to Qingyang District People's Hospital.

On April 2, the hospital began a forced IV injection on Zhao. On April 23, Liang Xiaobing from Simaqiao Police Station, an unnamed doctor and another person went to Zhao's family. They told the family that Zhao was still on a hunger strike and was very weak. They also claimed that they had spent a lot of money on her medical bills and asked her parents to visit her. Her parents replied, "On what grounds have you arrested our daughter? What kind of crime has she committed? You will take full responsibility if anything happens to our daughter!"

On May 4, 2007, Zhao's sister went to see her, but Zhao could no longer talk. She could only make several gestures indicating that she was miserable. Zhao Zhonglin passed away at 4:50 a.m. on May 5, 2007.

Zhao's family not only suffered enormous grief from the loss of their daughter, they continue to live under threats from CCP personnel.

The CCP murdered a Dafa practitioner and now threaten the family. They are afraid that the family will expose their crimes and bring them to court. We appeal to bring all who are responsible for Dafa practitioner Zhao Zhonglin's death to justice!

Chengdu Jinniu Procuratorate:
Procurator, Liu Qinghua: 86-28-87618117 (office), 86-28-87782178 (home)
Jinniu District Public Security Bureau director, Zhang Keban: 86-28-86406253 (office)
Simaqiao 610 Office director, Jiang Zhongtao: (He also persecuted a professor from Chengdu University, Zhang Chuansheng, to death)
Chengdu Detention Center: 86-28-6407825, 86-28-86407838
Deputy warden, Xu Maoqiang: 86-28-86407830
Prison doctor Han Kun: 86-28-86407839

Chengdu City Qingyang People's Hospital zip: 610031
4th floor room: 22-60
President of the hospital, Wang Daoyuan: 86-28-86642003
CCP secretary, Gao Wei: 86-28-86697275