(Clearwisdom.net) The practitioners in China have become more and more mature in recent years. They have established small-scale truth-clarification material production sites "like flowers blossoming everywhere." Overseas practitioners can learn from them and from their experiences.

Last weekend, several local practitioners set up a table in a public area to play the documentary film, "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party," and distribute materials about quitting the Party. The Chinese people who passed by could see our distinct, eye-catching banners about quitting the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). Some people took a copy of the DVD to watch at home. There was a child who didn't want to take a copy. His mother kept telling him, "Get a copy and take a look."

I kept saying loudly to people passing, "Only by quitting the CCP can one be safe. Quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations." I thought, "These people are all passing by us in a hurry. I don't know when we would meet them again. At least, we should let them hear this message to quit the CCP."

There was a while in the afternoon when not too many people were around. I stood on the street to distribute fliers. Two other practitioners sat down and started sending forth righteous thoughts. Our space was so peaceful. Many people came to us on their own to get the materials. Their facial expressions were no longer as indifferent as the ones in the morning. They all seemed to be very solemn. I was so moved by the power of benevolence and so thankful to my fellow practitioners from the bottom of my heart.

I kept distributing materials. People accepted them one by one. Looking at this scene, all of a sudden I felt that I was in an immense dimension of the universe. I truly felt an urgency to save sentient beings. The large-scale process of elimination will happen someday. We should treasure every opportunity we have to clarify the facts.

Right at that moment, it was as if there was a small window that opened up in my thinking. I started experiencing a deeper understanding of more things. I even further realized why practitioners are the sole hope of salvation for sentient beings. If we do not come out to clarify the truth, they will never get the chance to hear it and get to know more. Recalling the smiles on people's faces when they accepted the materials, I think maybe it was their knowing sides that couldn't hide their being happy to see us clarify the truth. So on the human side, they smiled.

I deeply understand that as practitioners we should be responsible for our cultivation. However, we do not exist just for ourselves. We are not doing this just for our improvement or consummation. We should think about the many sentient beings that are waiting for us. When we are managing the relationship between our daily lives and our cultivation, when we are hesitating to step out and clarify the facts about Falun Gong, we should first think about others, think about sentient beings. Recently, when I was trying to memorize the Fa, my mind often wandered. I didn't receive the expected effect. I think this is directly related to my neglecting the importance of clarifying the truth and my mentality of wanting to receive instead of give.

Now I have a better understanding of how our overseas practitioners can do well what we are supposed to do. Doing what we are supposed to do is not just limited to our current projects or existing formats. Moreover, we should do so with our hearts. We should truly step out, have group exercises, spread the Fa to people, and set up tables, exhibits and banners to clarify the truth. We should persist in doing this for a long time. We should treasure the opportunity we have and the freedom we enjoy overseas. If every overseas practitioner could find more opportunities to come out, it would create more chances for more people to learn about the truth. Some of them would even take the information back to China. So although we are abroad, we could initiate more opportunities to spread the truth back to China.

Every single one of us overseas practitioners is a practice site, a site for spreading the Fa, and a center for quitting the CCP. We should not be waiting for others to initiate things, waiting for notifications of activities, or waiting for other practitioners to find us. We should all take the initiative. Then our whole field would change. While I was in New York for the Fa conference, on one chilly morning I saw two practitioners doing the exercises in a Chinese residential area in front of the Flushing Library. I was moved by the banner behind them: "Falun Dafa is good." On another cold day when I passed by the Chinese Consulate in New York, I saw three eye-catching banners across the street from the Consulate. Fellow practitioners were sending forth righteous thoughts in a very organized way. One senior practitioner was distributing truth-clarification materials to people passing by. I was so moved by the scene. These actions all look ordinary, but I know fellow practitioners do this rain or shine, regardless if it is hot in the summer or cold in the winter. At that moment, I admired the practitioners from the bottom of my heart. Fellow practitioners are truly great!

Let us all treasure the opportunity Master has arranged for us to be abroad. Let every one of us truly take action to make people in every corner of the world see Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance radiate from practitioners. Let the radiance of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance shine on the whole world.