Director of Fenxi Police Department in Shanxi Province Guo Wenying Dies of a Car Accident

Ever since July 20, 1999, Guo Wenying, director of Fenxi police department, had been closely following Jiang's regime and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to persecute Falun Dafa and Dafa practitioners. He believed in the CCP's deceptive propaganda and refused to listen to Dafa practitioners' advice. He illegally arrested many practitioners, and many times he instructed policemen to break into practitioners' homes at night to abduct them. As a result, many practitioners were illegally sentenced to prison and dozens sent to forced labor camps. Guo died a tragic death in a car accident in 2004.

Secretary of the Village Party Committee in Fenxi County of Shanxi Province is Arrested After Years of Persecuting Dafa Practitioners

Wang Linyou, the secretary of the CCP party committee of Shijiadian Village, is now in his fifties. Since July 20, 1999, Wang has been closely following CCP's orders in hating Dafa and persecuting Dafa practitioners. Several times his actions led to the detention of practitioners and their being sentenced to forced labor camps. He always disregarded practitioners' truth clarification efforts. In the winter of 2006, Wang received karmic retribution. In fact both Wang and his son were arrested for their crimes by the officers at Linfen Police Department and were sentenced to prison. Wang's village cadres and their followers also met ill fates.

Police Officers of Songgezhuang Township, Laishui County, Hebei Province Suffers Retribution

Because of their crimes of selling explosives using police vehicles, Dong Xinqiang, Gong Haitao, and Chen Zhiguo, three police officers of Songgezhuang Police Station, Laishui County of Henbei Province, were detained by the police officers of Fangshan District Police Department of Beijing. Dong is currently detained at the Fangshan District detention center of Beijing. The authorities at the detention center refused to let Dong's family visit him. Gong Haitao has returned home, but it was said that he was penalized with a fine of over a hundred thousand yuan. Their accomplice, Chen Zhiguo, is still at large.

Dong is from Guogezhuang Village of Songgezhuang Township, while Gong Haitao is from Wanggezhuang Village and Chen is from Bancheng Village of Shiting. All of them had been actively and closely following the CCP and the Jiang regime's orders to persecute Dafa practitioners. Despite many attempts at truth clarification, they refused to take practitioners' compassionate advice. Instead, they continued to persecute practitioners out of their own selfish considerations. For example, on March 28, 2007, together with a dozen policemen from the Songgezhuang Township police station, they coaxed practitioner Kui Fenglan into a police car and, without showing any official warrant or paperwork, took her to the Baoding City forced labor camp. That was seven days after practitioner Kui was released from a detention center. Due to Kui's poor health, the authorities at the detention center were worried about their responsibility and released her. But the police officers at Songgezhuang police station persuaded and bribed the officials at the detention center to continue to imprison her. As a result, one more kind-hearted person was taken to the den of monsters. Kui's family is once again being subjected to the endless suffering.

It is a principle of the gods that good deeds will be rewarded with good, while evildoing will meet due retribution. Those who commit evildoing will incur karmic retribution, while those who do good deeds will be rewarded.