Solemn Declaration

I was illegally detained at a local detention center when I went to Beijing to validate Dafa. I was brutally persecuted for more than 100 days. The evil authorities raided my home illegally, and took away all Dafa books. At the time, my wife was illegally detained and persecuted in another local detention center. My seven-year-old old child was left at home by himself. The authorities used various means to force me to give up cultivation, wanting me to say "I will no longer practice". I wouldn't say it. Later, they gave me a piece of paper to sign and promised to release me home after I signed the paper. At the time I was eager to return home, so I signed the paper. They asked me not to go to Beijing again after I returned home. I agreed. As I studied more Fa and more deeply understood the Fa, I realized that only thoroughly repudiating the arrangement by the old forces, diligently following the cultivation path arranged by Master, and listening to Master's words completely, could I walk the path that Master has arranged genuinely. I hereby solemnly declare that under the high pressure of the evil persecution, all my signatures, and all words and deeds that go against Dafa principles are null and void. Follow Master diligently, cultivate Dafa to the very end, be more diligent, and do the three things well. Becoming enlightened and going home with Master.

Li Hezhuang April 10th, 2007.


Solemn Declaration

In March, 2003, I was arrested for producing truth materials and copies of Master's new articles. I was illegally sentenced to four years. In prison, the evil authorities constantly brainwashed me, deprived me of sleep, played DVDs slandering Dafa nonstop, and constantly instilled their evil doctrine into me. My righteous thoughts became weaker. In the end, I wrote the "Four Statements" against my conscience. I also wrote the "Exposure Statement". I deeply felt the extreme evil of the Communist Party and its shameless and full rogue nature at the prison where the evil is concentrated. Now, I felt deeply ashamed of my words and deeds which were against Dafa in the past. I am aware of the seriousness of my mistakes. I could not face the compassionate salvation of Master. I hereby solemnly declare that all my words, and all my written and deeds that go against Dafa principles are null and void. Cultivate Dafa diligently, follow Master's arrangement, do the three things well, thoroughly repudiate the arrangement by the old forces, and become a qualified Dafa disciple.

Li Min April 10th, 2007