(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Zhu Huajun is a teacher at the First Middle School of Zhenshui Township in Zhengyang County, the Zhumadian District, Henan Province. Police officers from Zhumadian, Xincai County, and Zhengyang County arrested him. Mr. Zhu is currently being detained and severely persecuted at the Xincai County Detention Center.

Falun Dafa practitioner Zhu Huajun went home at around 9:00 p.m. on April 6, 2007. Soon afterwards school Vice-Principal Guo Chunwang and attendant Yu Guanghua went to his home. When Mr. Zhu asked them why they were there, the vice-principal replied, "To see if you're home." Then they left.

Within 30 minutes seven policemen from Xincai County and Zhengyang County knocked on Zhu's door. Without showing a warrant or identification they took him into custody without giving a reason. He was wearing only a light sweater and pants at the time. By the time his mother came out, Mr. Zhu was already being shoved into a police vehicle.

His mother asked, "Why are you taking my son? He didn't do anything wrong." The police replied, "We'll take you, too, if you keep talking."

After the police took Mr. Zhu to the station they went back to his home and knocked on the door again. When his mother asked who they were, they pretended to be schoolteachers. She told them she wouldn't open the door because her son had just been illegally taken away. The police asked her to open the door so they could explain the situation. She mother asked, "Why didn't you say anything the last time we opened the door? Why do you arrest people and then come back to lie? You said you were a teacher. What's your name?"

The police had no response. Mr. Zhu's mother shouted, "Teachers and families from the school, please come out and see if these people are teachers!" When the schoolteachers came out they didn't recognize any of them. The police could do nothing else but leave the school campus.

Around midnight, after everyone had settled down, the police came back to the home again. They jumped over a wall and broke in. Seven police officers illegally searched the home, found nothing, but stole a picture of the founder of Falun Dafa. By then, it was already 2:00 a.m.

At around 10:00 a.m. on April 7 the police took Mr. Zhu Huajun to the Xincai County Detention Center and attempted to extort a confession by torturing him.

On April 16 Mr. Zhu's father went to visit him, but the police refused him.

On April 23 the police notified his family that they could visit him. When his parents went to the detention center the police refused to let his mother see him because she also practices Falun Gong. The police would only allow his father to see him, because he wasn't a practitioner. When he saw his son, two people were holding him up. His hands were cuffed behind his back and there were tubes inserted into his chest. He couldn't walk on his own. The police were constantly yelling at him.

Mr. Zhu hasn't eaten anything for 12 days now, and his life is in danger. The police still refuse to let his mother visit him. They also forced his father to sign an arrest warrant that was then sent to Tian Guangming from the Procuratorate office.

Since 2007 police officers from the State Security Unit of Zhumandian, Xincai, and Zhengyang Counties have been frantically persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. Practitioners who have been persecuted in Xincai County include Li Quanxi, Zhang Jianqun, and Zhang Suqing. They're all detained at the Xincai County Detention Center. Ten practitioners from Zhengyang County were illegally detained and their homes searched. Seven of them have returned home. The three still in detention are Zou Shengbin, Lu Mingquan, and Dong Shuli.

The perpetrators directly involved are:

State Security Unit Captain Zhang Jianhua of the Zhumadian Police Bureau

Tian Guangming of the Xincai County Procuratorate Office: 86-13507642113 (Cell)
Secretary Chang Ke of the Xincai County Political and Judiciary Committee: 86-13803966996 (Cell), 86-396-5922174 (Office), 86-396-5922034, 86-396-5937040
Wang Yifeng of the Xincai County Police Bureau: 13903966633 (Cell), 86-396-5922596, 86-396-5966633
Deputy Director Li Wenbo of the Xincai County Police Bureau: 86-13903966589 (Cell), 86-396-5937069, 86-396-5936369
Deputy Director Bia Fenglu of the Xincai County Police Bureau: 86-13938363126 (Cell)
State Security Unit Captain Zhang Jianlin of the Xincai Police Bureau: 86-13939695133 (Cell), 86-13839902298 (Cell), 86-396-5955526 (Home), 86-396-5937023
Xincai Detention Center: 86-396-5937006
Wang Guoqing of the Zhengyang County Police Bureau: 86-13513988666, 86-396-8925685 (Home)
Secretary Li Gang of the Zhengyang County Political and Judiciary Committee: 86-396-8922153 (Office)
State Security Unit Captain Song Xiang of the Zhengyang Police Bureau: 86-13803963078 (Cell), 86-396-8934038 (Office), 86-396-8923990 (Home)
Advisor Zhu Xinhua: 86-13803964857 (Cell), 86-396-8922935 (Home), 86-396-8934040 (Office)
610 Office Director Liang Yi: 86-13783303637 (Cell), 86-396-8922682 (Office)
Officer Wei Wei of the State Security Unit: 86-396-8923188