Mr. Xiao Peng from Sanlian Town Awarded for His Good Deed towards Falun Dafa

Although Mr. Xiao Peng doesn't practice Falun Dafa, he believes Dafa is good, and helps clarify the truth about it, which leads to many people learning the truth and not believing the Party's evil deception. They thus receive good fortune.

Two years ago, Mr. Xiao tore down a poster about the truth of Falun Dafa. Immediately afterwards, he started to have pain in his lower back. He sought treatment with acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and Western medicine, but nothing worked. He could not straighten his back for 15 days, let alone work in the field. After a practitioner learned about his situation, she pointed out to him that tearing down Falun Dafa posters was an action that would receive karmic retribution, and that his back pain was a consequence of his action. After he learned the true cause of his pain, he was determined to correct what he had done, and his back pain immediately disappeared.

This lesson helped him understand the principle that good deeds will be rewarded while bad deeds will bring retribution. Since that incident, he has voluntarily helped spread truth clarification materials and tell people about the beauty of Falun Dafa. He has helped many people learn the truth and choose their own marvelous futures. He has been rewarded as well. Although he doesn't practice Falun Dafa, he always recites in his heart "Falun Dafa is good" and "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance are good" no matter what kind situation he comes across. His illnesses quickly heal whenever he gets sick, and he reaped a good harvest from his crops.

A Former Pingshan County Party Secretary and a Miyi County Court Justice Receive Karmic Retribution

Since the persecution of Falun Dafa began, the former Party Secretary of Pingshan County, Chen Shizhong (male) always actively participated in the persecution of practitioners by arresting them, extorting money from them, and sending them to forced labor camps. He was then sentenced to ten years of imprisonment for corruption in 2006.

From 2001 to 2005, the head Justice of Miyi County Court, Tang Juzhou (male) presided unfairly over 100 Falun Dafa practitioners' cases. Over 30 practitioners were sentenced to forced labor camps. In 2004, Tang Juzhou was arrested for corruption and death cases in his mining business. In 2006, he was sentenced to imprisonment.