(Clearwisdom.net) On March 15, 2007, I read the news published in the No. 270 Clearwisdom Weekly about Dalian practitioner Li Xuejin being illegally sentenced to three years of forced labor and then transferred from Dalian Forced Labor Camp to Guanshan Forced Labor Camp due to his refusal to be "transformed." I want to tell about what I know about Guanshan Forced Labor Camp.

Guanshan Forced Labor Camp is located in Luanshishan, a place far away from the residents, in Changtu County, Liaoning Province. The difference between Guanshan Forced Labor Camp and other forced labor camps in Liaoning Province, such as Dalian Forced Labor Camp, is that Guanshan Labor Camp is a camp within a camp. In the words of the forced labor camps, those who resist being "transformed" will be sent there, as are those who will not change, and those who run away unsuccessfully. The guards in other forced labor camps threaten people with being sent to Guanshan Forced Labor Camp if they do not obey. Criminal inmates in forced labor camps have heard the guards say that they would be scared to death and beg for a pardon on their knees if they were ever in danger of being sent there. Those sent to Guanshan Forced Labor Camp can almost never get out. It takes a lot of money to get someone out of there.

A labor camp convict who spent 30,000 yuan to get out, said he was a "leader" in the Guanshsan camp. He said it was like a hell on earth, where bad people beat up bad people. The cruelest person is assigned to be the leader. The police give the cruelest person the electronic batons and handcuffs to teach "a lesson" to those who do not obey.

Criminals are sent to this place in handcuffs and shackles. The inmates that are sent to pick up the new arrivals prepare quilts, clothes, and pickaxes beforehand. Once the new arrivals get out of the car, the inmates first cover their heads with the quilts and then beat them. Next they use high pressure hoses to poke into these people's bottoms. Thirdly they take off their clothes and have two people put a stone with an uneven surface, that weighs about a hundred pounds, on each new arrival's back. The new arrivals then have to walk with the stone on their backs till they are covered with blood.

After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began to persecute Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, some of the steadfast practitioners in Liaoning Province were secretly transferred to this place from other forced labor camps. The authorities blocked the news and did not let their family members know about it. They punished the guards or sent them elsewhere if they leaked any information.

In March 2002, Shenyang Zhangshi Forced Labor Camp transferred Wang Jianmin and three other practitioners to Guanshan. One of them was persecuted to death. The camp administration lied, saying that he committed suicide by hanging himself in the restroom. As a result, that case was considered closed.

In November 2002, three steadfast practitioners from Benxi were transferred to this place. The brutalized inmates used pickaxes to beat these practitioners. As they beat them, they kept saying that they did not care about "transformation." They only cared about sending people to be cremated.

Guanshan Forced Labor Camp has a high death rate. If a criminal inmate injures a practitioner or paralyzes him, or even beats him to death, the inmate is not held responsible. On the contrary, he is rewarded and gets promotions and bonuses. A guard there made the hideous statement, "I like to work here because I earn a lot and there are a lot of benefits."

At present, no one knows how many practitioners are detained at Guanshan Forced Labor Camp. We suggest that those fellow practitioners who were persecuted there or those people who know that place--whether they be fellow practitioners or family members of practitioners--please supply us with detailed information. Expose the names of those in charge and their phone numbers to help completely disintegrate the evil's persecution of Dafa practitioners.