(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioners Ms. Qu Xiaotong, about thirty years old, and Ms. Qu Beibei, who is in her twenties, are sisters living in Taohuayu Village, Tuanlin Town, Ju'nan County, Linyi City, Shandong Province. Due to their faith in Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance, they have been persecuted by Jiang's roguish regime since 1999, and were forced to leave their home.

On June 24, 2004, while having a meal together in a small restaurant, Ms. Qu Xiaotong and two Dafa practitioners in Taian City, Mr. Zhao Weidong, along with Ms. Song Furong, were savagely arrested by several dozen police officers from Taian City. Qu Beibei was also arrested in the following several days. After being arrested, Qu Xiaotong, Qu Beibei, Zhao Weidong, Song Furong and other Dafa practitioners were tortured by extremely cruel means in attempts to extract “confessions.” This included being injected with drugs that damage one’s central nervous system. The practitioners' bodies and minds were severely tortured.

At seven o'clock on June 24, 2004, Ms. Qu Beibei and her fellow practitioners, Ms. Song Qiai and Song Furong, were taken somewhere while blindfolded, by police from the Criminal Police Team at the Public Security Bureau of Taishan District. They were tortured there for the extraction of a confession. Police grabbed Song Furong's hair and fiercely rammed her head against the wall. Song Qiai and Qu Beibei's necks were shocked with electric batons, and they were punched, kicked, and tortured to the extreme. After they started a hunger strike to protest the evil persecution, they were savagely force-fed.

On September 15, 2004, Dafa practitioners Mr. Zhao Weidong, Ms. Song Furong, Ms. Qu Beibei, Ms. Song Qiai, Ms. Hou Qingyuan, Ms. Lu Xia and Ms. Qu Xiaotong were secretly tried in Taishan District Court of Taian City. Before the illegal pretrial, the so-called open court session for investigation, seven practitioners were all injected with unidentified drugs, which rendered them unable to speak during the court session.

Seven Dafa practitioners were severely tortured and their bodies were extremely thin and weak. Only Zhao Weidong and Hou Qingyuan could walk under their own strength. Three of them required other people's support to walk. The other two have become shadows of their former selves, severely deformed and near death. Police had to grab their arms and legs to move them.

On September 23, Taishan District Court sentenced seven Dafa practitioners to imprisonment of eight to twelve years. Song Qiai was sentenced to nine years of imprisonment, while both Song Furong and Qu Beibei were sentenced to eight years. The practitioners did not accept the verdict and appealed, but Taian City Middle Court upheld the original verdict. Before taking them to Jinan Provincial Women's Prison, they were again injected with drugs that damage one’s central nervous system. They felt their tongues become stiff and numb while saliva kept dripping, and they could not speak a word no matter how hard they tried.

Song Furong's body is very weak and she has to depend on other people's support to walk. She also suffers from severe amnesia. She could not even recall her village and her home phone number. When she cleans herself in the morning, she does not even recognize her own towel and soap. Song Qiai is dull eyed and does not even recognize her family. No matter what others ask her, she always shakes her head. She cannot recall anything or speak a word. The situation for Qu Beibei is even worse.

Due to secret imprisonment, information about Qu Xiaotong’s persecution cannot been ascertained at this time.

Qu Xiaotong and Qu Beibei suffered from tremendous persecution after being imprisoned in Jinan Provincial Women's Prison. In 2006, when their family visited them, they looked very thin and weak. But since the summer of 2006, Jinan Provincial Women's Prison has not allowed family visits and they have not been heard from since.