(Clearwisdom.net) I am a villager from Lingshou County, Hebei Province. I suffered from liver cancer. I had chemotherapy several times, and surgery, but because of adverse reactions to excessive medication, I developed diabetes and cholecystitis. I had spent all my savings to treat my illness but it was all in vain. I was on the verge of physical and mental collapse. Luckily, before I completely collapsed, I began practicing Falun Dafa.

In December 1998, when I first obtained Dafa I had the mentality that only if Dafa could cure my illnesses would I practice it. After I got the book “Zhuan Falun” I spent the entire day reading it from start to finish. The next day, as I was getting up from bed, I felt something spinning inside my body. It was very amazing, and yet I felt very comfortable.

At that time, one practitioner told me that Zhuan Falun is a sacred and treasured book, the genuine Buddha Fa, and that we should read it diligently so as to learn the Fa well. After I finished reading the book for the second time I found that our Master teaches us to be good persons. After finishing the book for the third time I learned that Master wants us to be not only good persons but even better persons, and that only by being good and raising our “xinxing” can our illnesses be cured and our gong increase.

From that day on I have studied the Fa and practiced the exercises every day. My health gradually became better. From the Fa I enlightened to the fact that my physical condition improved only because I cultivated my xinxing, and I learned to care less about the desires and attachments of ordinary people. I also realized that the principles of an ordinary person are totally opposite those of a cultivator. As cultivators we do not care much about what most people pursue, and we do not compete or fight with people. I complained less and endured much more. On one occasion, when my neighbor was cursing at us in front of my house for an entire morning over something very trivial, my family and I did not talk back at all but just maintained peaceful minds. That night when I was sleeping I felt a warm energy flowing from my head down to my feet. The warmth made me feel very comfortable. I knew that it was Master purifying my body.

I had experienced such wonderful miracles, but deep in my heart I was still not quite sure if I was okay. Thus at the end of Chinese New Year I had chemotherapy again and prepared some medications in case I might need them. I was planning to stop taking the medication and see if I would be all right. If not, it would not be too late to take the medication again if I had some on hand. Therefore I spent about one thousand “yuan” on some Chinese herbal medication. One day in January of the next year, while I was studying the Fa, I realized that medication can push the illness further into the body while doing the exercises can on the contrary, push out all the illness and karma from the body, causing the complete elimination of the illness.

On January 5, I stopped taking all of my medications. When I tested my glucose level it was within the normal range, and my liver did not have any bad reactions. Around noontime on January 20, while I was taking a nap, all of sudden I was awakened by a “pa” sound, something like a small firecracker exploding within my body. I did not know what was going on, but later I realized that my hepatic artery was unblocked again (it had been knotted during my liver surgery.) Now, everything is fine. In February I could go out to spread the Fa, and I could walk about ten miles every time. But one day I had severe pain in my liver area and I had a fever. I knew I was eliminating karma, so I did not pay attention to the pain but just studied the Fa and did the exercises. Five days later everything became normal again.

Afterwards, I had serious karma elimination situations every twenty days. The third time I was eliminating my karma it was more severe. I had bloody stools and a much higher fever. My family was rather anxious and worried that my illness was getting worse. My fellow practitioners said that we should not worry and this time it was a complete elimination of my karma. I did not pay much attention. Shortly thereafter I found out that my liver cancer, diabetes and cholecystitis were all cured without any treatment. Now I could work in the field. This is really gaining something precious without pursuing. What kind of excuses could I have not to go out to spread Dafa? I am very grateful to Dafa and to Master from the bottom of my heart. It is Master who renewed my life.