(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioner Mr. Cao Jiwei from Laishui County, Hebei Province, was persecuted by the “610 Office” and the police. He had been staying away from home in order to avoid arrest. On the 4th day of the Chinese Lunar New Year of 2007, he was arrested by the police from the Loucun Township Police Station of Laishui County, and 5,800 “yuan” in cash that he was carrying was taken away. Mr. Cao's family members went to the detention center five days later and asked to see him. The detention center told them to ask Wang Fucai, the head of the Laishui County 610 Office. On the 11th , Mr. Cao's mother, his wife, and his eldest sister went to see Wang Fucai. The police seized them and physically abused them in the yard of the police department. The police pushed Cao Jiwei's wife and his eldest sister, who is in her 50s, to the ground and stuffed small rocks and cigarette butts into their noses and mouths.

It has been learned that after overseas practitioners exposed this persecution, Mr. Cao, his wife Meng Qinglian, his eldest sister, and his mother have returned home.

The following is an account by Cao Jiwei's wife about the severe mistreatment they were subjected to when they went to ask for her husband.

On the 9th day of the Chinese New Year, after we learned that my husband, Cao Jiwei, was being “illegally detained” in the Laishui County Detention Center, my mother-in-law, who is in her 70s, was eager to see her son. She took me, my daughter, and my eldest sister and traveled over 200 li (about 62 miles) of bumpy mountain roads to the Laishui County Detention Center. When we arrived at the detention center my mother-in-law and my daughter were already in tears. My mother-in-law begged the detention center police to let us see Cao Jiwei. But the police impatiently pushed us away, saying “We cannot do anything. Go and talk to Wang Fucai and the unit that handles the case.”

My mother-in-law, my eldest sister, and I called a cab and went over 30 li to the Loucun Township Police Station in Laishui County, the entity responsible for arresting my husband. As soon as we got out of the cab we noticed that people were waiting for us by the entrance to the station. A young police officer asked rudely, “What are you doing here?” I told him, “My husband was minding his own business and he did not break any law. Loucun Township Police Station officers beat, injured, and detained him. Falun Gong has been spread to over 80 countries and is well received by the people of the world. Why do you persecute Falun Gong practitioners so desperately?” The police rudely said, “Are you going to leave? If you don't, you will be arrested.” He then got a person to guard the entrance and did not allow us to enter.

Without a resolution we went back to the detention center. My mother-in-law looked at the high fenced wall and sobbed, "My son is dutiful and reasonable. Why do you persecute him? You broke his family apart and made him live in such a terrible way. I am already old. Why do you make it impossible for my son to come home to take care of me. Why do you always arrest him? Is it wrong to be a good person?”

Facing the old woman's tearful pleas, policeman Zhang yelled viciously, “If you don't leave soon, we will get your son out here and shock him with electric batons right in front of your eyes until he kneels down to us and begs us with flattering words.”

They saw that she was not willing to leave, so they carried her to the side of Laishui County Road 112 and left her there. That was after 9:00 p.m. She was weak from the abuse and lay helpless on the ground, shivering in the freezing weather.

On the 11th day of the Chinese Lunar calendar, the detention center told us to talk to Wang Fucai of the 610 Office. My mother-in-law, my eldest sister, and I went to Wang Fucai's home again. We knocked on the door but no one opened it. Instead a voice threatened, “If you don't leave, we will call 110 to arrest you.” The three of us had no other choice but to walk away. But then the young man in Wang Fucai's family with a shallow face young man opened the door and got on a bike. We could see him calling on a cellphone as he chased us. We heard him saying, “Two to the southbound and two to the northbound.”

As soon as we arrived at the end of the alley, a green cab suddenly stopped in front of us and blocked our way. Three plainclothes agents got out of the cab. Each of them seized one of us and started beating us. They dragged us into the alley as they beat us because they were afraid that their evil behavior would be noticed by the many people on the road.

My mother-in-law and my eldest sister were soon knocked down and lay shivering on the ground. I was beaten three times and lay on the ground unconscious. While I was unconscious, they called 110. A group of police soon came and threw us into a vehicle. We were taken to the Laishui County Police Department and in the yard we were brutally beaten again.

The police unbuttoned our clothes, pushed them aside, and exposed our upper bodies. They pushed us flat on the ground in the police department yard, so that our bare chests were touching the ground. They turned us face up for a while and then face down for a while, back and forth. They said, “No matter how healthy they are, they ought to shiver from the cold.” My mother-in-law and my eldest sister constantly twitched from the beatings and the cold. The police kept kicking them.

The police pushed me to the ground and stepped on my face lying on the concrete with one foot. He forced me to breathe in the dust on the ground and stuffed rocks and cigarette butts into my mouth and nostrils. My eldest sister's nostrils and mouth were also stuffed with rocks and cigarette butts.

While we were unconsciousness, the police carried us in a vehicle to the boiler room of the police department yard. The boiler worker said, “Putting them here is not convenient for us to get the coal.” The police then carried us to a place next to the water pipes. We were sent to the Laishui County Detention Center at about 4:00 in the afternoon.

In the detention center, to protest the unfair treatment and the lawless behavior of the police, we went on hunger strikes. The police came in and said, “If you don't eat, then starve yourselves.” After enduring the painful suffering for eight days, my eldest sister was released; her family managed to get her out. After I had been on a hunger strike for 15 days, I suddenly felt that I could not live any longer. I felt so flustered that I could no longer control myself. My family members were then notified to take me home. I went home on the 24th day of the Chinese Lunar New Year.

Seeing that the two of us had been persecuted time after time, my parents, in their 70s, kept wiping away their tears. We started being homeless when my daughter was in kindergarten. She is now in the third grade of middle school. She does not have the happiness of the family that other kids her age have, simply because her parents are persecuted for practicing Falun Gong and wanting to be good people. She has had to endure unbearable mental pressure that a 15-year old child should not have to bear.

For those police, evil people, and unlawful criminals who are still persecuting Falun Gong: stop all your evil activities against Falun Gong. Many families have been broken by your evildoings. If you regard Falun Gong practitioner’s kindness as weak, you are destroying yourselves! Heaven is eliminating the Chinese Communist Party! If you are still persecuting Dafa and good people for small personal gain, the end result for you will be unimaginable. Since ancient times, those who follow heaven's wishes are prosperous and those who go against heaven's wishes die! It is not that the gods do not avoid punishing the evil people. They are giving them a chance to repent. Some people do not believe in the existence of gods, but gods have always been controlling things in the human dimension.

Relevant phone numbers:

Loucun Township Police Station: 86-312-4681065
Wang Jishi, the assistant head of the police station: 86-13931247368 (cell)
Loucun Township Government: 86-312-4683199

Wang Fucai, the head of the 610 Office: 86-312-4532190 (office), 4526973 (home), 86-13932231936 (cell)
Zhao Yi, Political and Legislative Committee: 86-312-4522028, 4522330, 86-13503128688 (cell)
Court: 86-312-4522227
“Procuratorate:” 86-312-4522226

Police Department: 86-312-4522220, 4522219 (switchboard)
Wang Bingwu: 86-312-4528666, 4522203, 86-13803283028 (cell)
Li Shaoyun, Judicial Department: 86-312-4522245, 4522336, 13903221230 (cell)

The positions of the above personnel may change but their office phone numbers usually do not change.