(Clearwisdom.net) In a recent Minghui article, a practitioner mentioned the following true story:

After understanding the truth about the CCP, a director of a workshop not only quit the evil party, but also helped practitioners to clarify the truth and persuaded other people to resign from CCP and its affiliated organizations. However, one of her hands was recently chopped-off while working. While suffering from pain, she said to the practitioner, “Didn't you tell me that 'Heaven is eliminating the CCP. Quitting the CCP can help one to stay safe.'? I've already completely quit it and even helped you guys to persuade other people. Why am I so unfortunate?”

In the article, the writer mentioned that because of the ambiguous understandings about the accident, it generated quite a long-term negative impact for the local practitioners to validate the Fa. It also perplexed some practitioners for a certain period of time. Therefore, the writer and the local practitioners got together to discuss the incident and study Master's teachings with a calm mind. Then, the writer recorded what they enlightened to from the Fa in the article.

After reading the article, I felt that it was not comprehensive enough. Therefore, I would like to discuss my understandings with all the Dafa disciples.

As Dafa disciples, we all know that we are in the Fa-rectification period. Because all the elements of the old universe do not work any more, Master has come to do Fa-rectification (Master mentioned this several times). Evil old forces of the universe interfere with the Fa-rectification in all kinds of ways. Dafa disciples are responsible for saving the sentient beings. One of the most common methods that the old forces use is to make people distrust Dafa, distrust that Dafa will bring a beautiful future for people and all beings. In such a way, they could destroy these sentient beings.

In the past several years, I found a frequent phenomenon while clarifying the truth. Some people understood the truth and also came to believe in Dafa and the beautiful future that Dafa could bring. They not only decided to quit CCP or its affiliated organizations, but also persuaded their family members to resign. This is an extremely good thing, yet various interferences or tribulations often occurred to them. I enlightened to the idea that those things were created by the elements of the old forces. They prevented these people from finding the beauty of Dafa and made them doubt Dafa, trying to destroy them.

I live close to the coast. In 2006, I clarified the truth to someone. He truly believed in Dafa. He not only quit the CCP and persuaded his relatives and good friends to resign from it, but also spread quite a few materials to others. However, he had various troubles later. His health condition deteriorated and some contradictions occurred in his family. He mentioned that before he resigned from the CCP, even when he felt back pain, he could still perform his daily work. However, after resigning from the CCP, his back pain became so serious that he couldn't even work. He found me and said to me, “You told me the beauty of Dafa. Why can't I feel it? You told me to wear this amulet to protect my safety. However, my back is more painful than before. Should I still wear the amulet?” I understood immediately that the reason was interference from the evil old forces. They tried to interfere with the people that I saved, prohibited them from finding the beauty of Dafa. Therefore, I sent forth righteous for him, and eliminated all the evil elements that interfered and prohibited him from believing in Dafa. After sending forth righteous thoughts for a period time, both his life and health condition were back to normal. Through this incident, I became more clear about that the evil old forces are trying everything they could to destroy sentient beings.

Now, before I send forth righteous thoughts, I add one thought, “Eliminate the evil elements that interfere with people who resign from CCP and prohibit them from believing that Dafa will bring them a bright future. Let sentient beings find the beauty of Dafa, in order to save more.”