(Clearwisdom.net) Liaoning Province Women’s Prison has again committed monstrous crimes. Previously, practitioners Han Xuejun, Lou Yan, and Liu Yianjun were disabled as a result of torture, and Liu Liyun, Li Lin, Zhang Juxian and others were tortured to death in 2004.

Dafa practitioner Yang Chunlin was jailed, and on the same day her arm was broken and her leg was disabled from a brutal beating

Ms. Yang Chunlin was severely tortured at Liaoyang Detention Center. She was then sent (on December 13, 2006) to the elderly and disabled group in Liaoning Province Women’s Prison for further persecution.

On the evening of her first day in jail, guard Zuo Cong ordered prisoners Zhao Yan (since released), Zhang Ning, and others to beat and humiliate Yang Chunlin. They forced her to do things that were intended to insult Dafa. Yang Chunlin refused to obey their evil commands. So they twisted her arm until it was broken and disabled one of her legs with brutal beating. Yang Chunlin shouted, “Falun Dafa is good!” so they sealed her mouth with tape. They persecuted her in all kinds of inhumane ways. They taunted her, did not give her meals, and did not allow her to sleep or use the restroom.

On the second day Yang Chunlin was sent to Shenyang No.739 Hospital. The hospital asked for 8,000 “yuan” for the surgery to reset the broken bones. Zuo Cong then called Yang Chunlin’s home to demand that her family pay the hospital fee. When she was arrested, her husband and mother-in-law also were “illegally arrested” and imprisoned. Her mother-in-law was sent to No. 9 Ward in Liaoning Province Women’s Prison. Her husband was sent to Linyuan Prison. So her family's financial situation was very tight and they could not afford the hospital fee.

Guard Zuo Cong was extremely angry and took Yang Chunlin back to the jail right away. They viciously said, “If you do not pay the money, you can forget about getting treatment.” From December 2006 until the present, Yang Chunlin has been suffering persecution.

Dafa practitioner Li Fengmei’s arm was broken and legs disabled

On January 2, 2007, Dafa practitioner Ms. Li Fengmei from Xiongyue County was detained at the No. 10 Ward in Liaoning Province Women’s Prison. Guards Yu Chengsui and Chen Haixin ordered Chen Fengyun and others to torture Li Fengmei. They took her to the storage room in the monitoring building and brutally beat her. Ms. Li Fengmei’s arm was twisted and broken and her legs were disabled.

Guard Chen Haixin cuffed Li Fengmei’s hands behind her back and hung her up. He used an electric baton to shock her. The guard even took off all her clothes and forced her to squat in the cold storage room for 24 hours. He used vile means to humiliate her. He did not permit her to have any meals, drinks, showers or sleep. He even limited her use of the restroom.

Li Fengmei now has bruises all over her body due to the torture. During the past two months (since January 2, 2007) she was forced to stay in the storage room, and continues to suffer persecution. Her life is now in danger.

Guard Yu Chengsui has been transferred to another location. Chen Haixin has been transferred to the “610 Office” in charge of the jail. The recently recruited guards Dong Jingrong and Dai Jing have continued to persecute Li Fengmei.

To the many practitioners in the Liaoning Province area, please send forth righteous thoughts to completely disintegrate the evil and rescue fellow practitioners.

The following telephone numbers are for Liaoning Province Women’s Prison:

The No. 3 group leader of the hospital guarded ward, Yang: 86-24-89296859; 89-24-89296862, Gu Changqin is now detained here
Prison Head Office, Shen Li, 86-24-89296666

Political Head Office, 86-24-89296677

Office Head: 86-24-89296868

Politics Division Head: 86-24-89296767