(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings, Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

I am a Falun Dafa disciple working in a large U.S. corporation. Today I would like to share with everyone how I negated the old forces' arrangements and removed my mental obstacles to clarify the truth and promote the NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular and Christmas Holiday Wonders in a U.S. corporation so more people with predestined relationships might see the performances.

I obtained the Fa in 1998 and have ever since followed the requirements expected of a practitioner at my place of work. When I heard that the Asian Association, an employee organization, was looking for help, I volunteered. I did not then realize that it would become a platform for later truth clarification.

When NTDTV had its first Chinese New Year Gala in 2004, I introduced the Gala to my colleagues in the Asian Association. Some of them went to see the Gala. But there were not many Asian employees in the company. How could I let all the employees in our company's New Jersey branch know about the Gala? This was a tough issue I always wanted to solve but didn't know where to start. Master explained in one of His lectures how the old forces came to the Three Realms and created countless barriers to interfere with the Fa-rectification. I realized that big corporations in the U.S. were like these barriers, claiming their own territories and operating on their own systems. They each were like a small, independent kingdom with its own rules and regulations, hard for outsiders to come in. For example, our company has a rule that solicitation of non-company business and unauthorized selling of non-company products are prohibited. I once requested to share the Gala information with all employees through company emails, but was turned down.

One day last summer a colleague from the Asian Association told me that our company had asked the African American Association, Hispanic Association and Asian Association to co-sponsor an International Culture Festival in October. She was coordinating the event for the Asian Association.

She told me that the other two associations had invited outside performing arts groups to the festival, but the Asian Association had not found anyone yet. To make things worse, she only had a few hundred dollars of her budget left. It would be almost impossible to invite any group, considering such a limited budget. When I heard this, I told her I would find a way to help. I approached a practitioner in the dance group and asked if they could come to our company and present a pro bono performance. The practitioner immediately agreed. My colleague was quite happy at this good news. To show her appreciation she said that NTDTV could have a booth to sell its products during the festival. I asked if we could sell Chinese New Year Spectacular tickets. She said, "Of course."

The practitioners' performance was a huge success. Two executives watched the performance. NTDTV was planning a reception for the Spectacular. The practitioner in charge of public relations took the opportunity and invited an executive of our company to the reception. He gladly accepted. Following the performance, the colleague who was in charge of the Culture Festival held at our company told me she thought NTDTV's performance was great! I asked her if the Spectacular posters could be displayed in the reception area of our company, and she happily agreed. She even told me that I could display the poster in the reception area at another building as well. With practitioners' joint efforts, our company finally opened its door to NTDTV.

I went to the theater the day of the Spectacular reception, to help greet the executive from my company. Since I arrived early I watched the dress rehearsal. When I saw the program segments with Falun Gong and eliminating the evil CCP, I was nervous. I worried that the executive might have a problem with these programs. If he did, would this impact the Gala promotion in my company? The more I thought about it, the more worried I got and suddenly realized that I had not had any righteous thoughts at all. I had been completely lost in everyday people's notions.

If I had no confidence in our own Spectacular programs, the common people in the audience would most likely be impacted. I should have full confidence that our programs would move the audience. If some individuals had questions about our programs, wouldn't that be an opportunity for us to clarify the truth? When I thought about this, I calmed down.

The performance for the reception began in the evening. The executive and his wife were deeply moved by the excellent performance. They clapped enthusiastically after each program. When the dance, "To the Rightful Place" was over, they gave the same enthusiastic applause. After the last program, "Nine Swords," they joined the rest of the audience and clapped loudly. The executive told later me that the Spectacular was excellent and that he would bring his children as well next time. As we were exiting the theater he suddenly asked me, "Was that red dragon representing the CCP?" I said, "Yes." He gave me a knowing smile.

The practitioner from NTDTV's Public Relations department exchanged emails with the executive. When asked about the Spectacular, he said it was very good. Then this practitioner asked him if he had plans to buy some group tickets for our company. He did not reply for a while. When I heard this, I began to worry again. So many practitioners came to our company to perform gratis. If our company did not buy any group tickets, how could we show our appreciation for the practitioners' efforts? I asked that practitioner if I needed to give the executive a push. To my surprise this practitioner told me, "You should use your divine side instead of your human side." I was dumbfounded when I heard this. Seeing I was lost she added, "You don't need to push him. Just ask your company to share the Spectacular information with employees via email."

It wasn't until then that I realized I had been too attached to results. Although all Dafa projects have as their goal to rescue people, shouldn't we also obtain without pursuit? When I realized this, my attachment was instantly gone. The next day I sent an email to the executive, asking him if we could share the Spectacular information with the employees. He replied shortly, saying that he was planning to buy some group tickets for the employees and asked if I could coordinate this. I was really surprised and happy. Once again I realized what "obtain without pursuit" really meant. Later I learned that the executive had actually been planning for a while to buy the group tickets; the delay was caused by someone else's interference. Thanks to my fellow practitioner who reminded me to let go of everyday people's attachments, the obstacle was removed.

Now the question was how the tickets should be distributed. I asked my colleagues in the Asian Association for their opinions. Most of them thought we should hold a raffle drawing. I thought that was a good idea too, since every employee would then have a chance to know about the Spectacular. The company management also supported the idea. We held a raffle for the NTDTV Holiday Wonders tickets at the company. The employees' response was very positive. Those who won the raffle bought additional ticket(s) so they could take their family members with them. Some of those who did not win also bought tickets so they wouldn't miss the show. Although the company had asked me to coordinate this event, I could not handle it all by myself. So, I handled this as an Asian Association event. My colleagues from the Association all extended their warm help.

When I looked back I thought a lot about what had happened. I truly realized that as a Dafa disciple, although we each as individuals have limited wisdom and capabilities, as long as we can dismiss everyday people's attachments when we do Dafa projects, Master will strengthen us and miracles will happen.

I asked those colleagues who had attended the Holiday Wonders for their opinions. Almost all of them said the show was great. It was the second year for one Chinese colleague to see the show. She said this year's performance was much better than last year's. Another Chinese colleague went with her mother. She told me that the segment of the program that stunned her mother the most was "To the Rightful Place," marveling that we were courageous enough to take such a "controversial issue" on stage. I told her that the reason so many people still think Falun Gong is "controversial" was because they were still being deceived by lies. I told her about the persecution of Falun Gong and gave her some materials to take to her mother.

From clarifying the truth to promoting the NTDTV Spectacular, we followed Master in the Fa-rectification process and walked our path, step by step, on the company's "platform." Master does not want to leave out any area during Fa-rectification, so he has arranged for some Dafa disciples to work at large corporations. However, due to the old forces' rampant interference, not that many practitioners can work for big corporations. Many companies with thousands of employees have only one or two practitioners.

We fully understand and will not shirk our sacred responsibilities. Let us live up to Master and sentient beings' expectations, clarify the truth better to the U.S. corporations and fulfill our prehistoric vows.

Please kindly point out any mistakes.

Thank you, Master! Thank you, everyone!