(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Zhang Lianying from Beijing suffered a severe cerebral hemorrhage after being beaten at the Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp. She was taken to the hospital for emergency surgery. On March 30, 2007, two days before being removed from the critical condition list for surgery patients, she was taken from the hospital. The forced labor camp said that she was transferred to the hospital at Beijing Tiantanghe Forced Labor Camp, but it refused her family members' requests to visit her at that hospital. Ms. Zhang Lianying's whereabouts are not known and her family is deeply worried.

At around 3:30 p.m. on March 20, 2007, Mr. Niu Jinping, Ms. Zhang Lianying's husband, received a phone call from guard Wang of the Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp. He was asked to sign documents for an emergency surgery to be performed on Ms. Zhang Lianying. Mr. Niu Jinping rushed to Renhe Hospital, Daxing District, Beijing. There he found his wife in a coma. He asked the on-duty doctor, Xue, what had happened. Doctor Xue said that she had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and that it was most likely caused by being hit on the head. According to the doctor, Ms. Zhang Lianying not only had a severe cerebral hemorrhage, but also a lot of extravasated blood remained in the area of the head. She was in critical condition and there was a good chance of another cerebral hemorrhage after the surgery.

Ms. Zhang Lianying, after the surgery at Beijing Renhe Hospital

That morning the guards from the Training Unit of Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp had ordered inmates to tighten a rope around Ms. Zhang Lianying's neck and cruelly beat her head. Ms. Zhang Lianying was imprisoned at the Training Unit for several months. She was barely recognizable after being tortured. This was the ninth time that the guards instructed the inmates to use this torture. In the past, twice she had become incontinent afterwards. This time, the rope became tighter and tighter and the fist-hitting heavier and heavier. Only after she suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and was in a critical condition did they stop the torture and take her to Beijing Renhe Hospital. The emergency surgery at the hospital saved her life.

Lead guard Wang from the Training Unit of the forced labor camp tried to cover up the real reason for her cerebral hemorrhage. He was very rude to her family. Even though Ms. Zhang Lianying's life was just saved and she was emaciated after several months of torture, the forced labor camp still had six people watching her at the "D-209, 30-31" inpatient room at the Neurosurgery Department around the clock. Whenever her husband and daughter went to visit her, they had to first get permission to visit from the forced labor camp. Also during each visit, the guards pulled the sheet all the way up to her chin to cover the injuries on her neck and body.

However, it could still be seen (see the photo above) that several tubes, thick or thin, were inserted into her head (her hair was removed to do the surgery). Some tubes were full of blood extracted from her head. Her head was covered by medical bandages. There was even a tube inserted in her nose.

The neurosurgeon at the Renhe Hospital said that Ms. Zhang Lianying's injury was very severe. It would take twelve days, which meant until April 1, 2007, for her to be completely out of danger. However, the forced labor camp secretly transferred her on March 30, 2007. On March 28, 2007, Section Chief Shi of the Management Section of the forced labor camp tricked Mr. Liu Jinping into going to the forced labor camp to get a visiting permit. But when Mr. Niu Jinping arrived, Shi claimed to be in meetings and made Mr. Niu wait for three hours. Finally, police from the Xiangheyuan Police Station, Chaoyang District, Beijing, who were responsible for Mr. Niu's residence area, along with staff from the Xiangheyuan 610 Office and officials from the Street Committee, came into the room. They said that Shi asked them to come. The head of the local 610 Office, Yang Yiguo, shouted at Mr. Niu Jinping, "Don't think that bringing the child with you will stop me from treating you the way I want to!" Surrounded and harassed by them, Mr. Niu did not get the permit. On March 30, 2007, the forced labor camp secretly transferred Ms. Zhang Lianying. They claimed that she was moved to the Beijing Tiantanghe Forced Labor Camp hospital. Later, when Mr. Niu Jinping and their daughter went to visit Ms. Zhang Lianying, the forced labor camp openly denied that her cerebral hemorrhage was caused by being hit on her head. Section Chief Shi said, "Who beat her? Who saw the beating?"

In fact, the torture of Ms. Zhang Lianying at the Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp has the marks of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) 610 Office. After Mr. Niu Jinping and another practitioner, Mr. Cao Dong, from Beijing met Mr. Edward McMillan-Scott, vice president of the European Parliament, who went to Beijing to investigate human rights violations in China in May, 2006, Mr. Cao Dong was secretly arrested by the CCP intelligence organization, the Beijing State Security Bureau. Mr. Niu Jinping and his three-year old daughter were constantly threatened and harassed by officials from the CCP 610 Office, State Security Bureau, Police, Street Committee, and legal organizations. Staff from the Liufangnanli 610 Office, Chaoyang District, Beijing and police from the Xiangheyuan Police Station threatened Mr. Niu Jinping many times, "Don't think we don't know how to handle you!" During the past months, Ms. Zhang Lianying was taken to the Training Unit of the forced labor camp, the most evil place in the forced labor camp. Inmates in that place were locked into a six-foot wide room, which had no windows. Everything, including eating, drinking, and using the toilet was done inside the tiny cell. The personal monitors, who were inmates assigned by the guards to watch and control the practitioners, frequently beat Ms. Zhang Lianying. Ms. Zhang held a hunger strike, refused to wear the forced labor camp uniform, and shouted "Falun Dafa is Good." Lead guard Cha then ordered the inmates to put a rope or belt tight around her neck and beat her.

Ms. Zhang Lianying's family members did not see her from the day she was taken from Beijing Renhe Hospital. Her family members have called the Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp several times to request a visit, but every time Section Chief Shi said that they had to wait for permission from the top. Witnessing the brutal torture against her and knowing about the CCP's organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners, Ms. Zhang Lianying's family is extremely worried.

All the kind people in the world please condemn the CCP persecution of Ms. Zhang Lianying and other Falun Gong practitioners! We appeal to people in Beijing who uphold justice to tell the people involved in persecuting practitioners that evil deeds will provoke retribution. Please help Ms. Zhang Lianying to obtain her freedom quickly!

Contact information for those committing the aforementioned crimes:

Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp: 12 Weiyong Road, Tiantanghe, Huangcun Town, Daxing District, Beijing City
Section chief of the Management Section Shi, 86-10-60279755 ext. 5819
Training unit: 86-10-60278899 ext. 5810
Head of the local 610 Office responsible for Ms. Zhang Lianying's home, Yang Yiguo: 86-10-64671059
Policeman from the Xiangheyuan Police Station, Zhang Weimin: 86-10-64660050 (office), 86-13501066384 (cell)
Head of the Residential Committee for Ms. Zhang Lianying's home, Zhao Yumin (or Yuming): 86-10-64645203