(Clearwisdom.net) I recently moved to a big city and had the opportunity to meet fellow practitioners, due to our predestined relationships. In sharing with them, sometimes I talked about what I had done in my hometown. Later, I suddenly realized I had not done a good job in cultivating my speech. In addition, I still had the attachments of showing off my accomplishments and brandishing my "experiences."

Regarding "experience," in mainland China, ranking people according to their qualifications is very common. Everything is based on a person's qualifications and experience. Even though a person may be very capable, he will not be promoted if he does not have experience or fame. Brandishing experience stems from the emotions of ordinary people that we as practitioners should not be attached to.

As practitioners, if we do not give up the attachment to our old experiences, the attachment will become a barrier to moving forward diligently on our paths. Some practitioners who were attached to what they did in validating the Fa in the past started having complacency and showing off their attachments, which caused them to deviate from their righteous cultivation paths.

Master said:

"Completing Gong, reaching Consummation at high places"

("Climbing the Tai Mountains," from Hong Yin)

On the cultivation path, a practitioner may have done a good job for a period of time or done one good thing, but this does not mean he or she cultivates well. A practitioner should thoroughly evaluate his or her xinxing to get a complete perception of whether he or she cultivates well. We should deeply understand the risks of being attached to "experience" and walk well on our future paths in validating the Fa.

A while ago, an editor's article on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website mentioned that someone who claimed he had attended the 1999 press conference in Beijing did harmful things among practitioners, which directly interfered with and damaged the cultivation of practitioners. My understanding is that we have not completely given up the attachment to personal "experience" in our minds. No matter how important were the actions of a practitioner in the past, he or she must meet the standards and principles of Dafa today.

By giving up the attachment to ourselves and to past experiences, and by understanding the Fa from the perspective of the Fa, and completely walking towards godhood, we are rectifying ourselves.

April 16, 2007