(Clearwisdom.net) On April 20 and 21, Divine Performing Arts presented the last two shows of its Taiwan tour at the Auditorium of National Chung Cheng University. Before the performance began, Chiayi County Commissioner Mr. Chen Mingwen, Chiyi Mayor Huang Minhui and legislator Chuang Hedz all commended the noble effort of the troupe in promoting authentic traditional Chinese culture, and issued certificates of appreciation and medals.

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Chiayi County Commissioner Chen Mingwen (right) presented a certificate of appreciation to the troupe: Foremost Performing Arts Light of the World

Chiayi Mayor Huang Minhui (third from left) awarded a medal of proclamation to Divine Performing Arts

An assistant (right) of legislator Chuang Hedz presented the troupe with a medal of proclamation on behalf of the legislator: Foremost Performing Arts

Commissioner Chen Mingwen said, "The global tour of Divine Performing Arts promotes traditional Chinese culture and its contribution deserves recognition."

Chiayi M Huang Minhui said, "Chiayi is a city of art and we welcome the Divine Performing Arts troupe. Nowadays, it is a common problem that authentic Chinese culture is no longer emphasized. The performance of the troupe highlights traditional values and will help to uplift social morality."

Mr. Guan Guimin, a member of Divine Performing Arts and an acclaimed tenor, said, "During the global tour, the Chinese Communist regime often tried to sabotage the show. However, its interference often helped to promote the troupe and box office sales, because people consequently realized that the troupe promotes authentic Chinese culture."

According to Billboard Magazine, Divine Performing Arts' 2006 Chinese New Year Gala, performed at the world-famous Radio City Music Hall in New York, ranked as the tenth top show in the US in 2006. In December 2006, the troupe presented seven performances of the Holiday Wonders show at Beacon Theatre. In 2007, the troupe toured 29 cities in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Taiwan and gave more than 50 performances. After the last Taiwan stop in Chiayi, the troupe will visit Seoul.

According to the hosting organization, since the first performance on April 7 in Taipei, Divine Performing Arts has generated a sensation in Taiwan and created a miracle in Taiwanese performing arts history as tens of thousands people turned out and all tickets were sold out. Many people were amazed by the artistic achievement and deeply moved by the inner meaning of the show. Consequently, before the performance in Chiayi was staged, it was already a major topic in the city and people in the region swarmed to purchase tickets. Local officials and recognized leaders expressed appreciation to the troupe for its contributions toward uplifting morality and promoting authentic traditional culture.

County Commissioner Chen Minwen and Mayor Huang Minhui stated, "We hope that Divine Performing Arts will come to Taiwan every year. It will be a true blessing to our people."