(Clearwisdom.net) I was fortunate to be introduced to Falun Dafa in July 1997 and was extremely happy during the following two years of personal cultivation. My back pain and my migraines disappeared and I was healthy and at ease. Although I had to commute a long distance to my job every day, I worked hard as a teacher in charge of a class. In addition, I took care of my elderly parents and my child after work, but I did not feel tired and felt happy because I had begun Dafa study and understood the true meaning of life.

My husband did not accept Dafa and interfered with my cultivation in every possible way. He often beat me for no reason. Once he would not even let me into our home. I had to sit outside the door the whole night. However, I persisted in my belief and wanted to return to my true self. I would never give up Dafa.

Around July 20, 1999, I went to Beijing alone to validate the Fa. On Fuyou Street in Beijing, a police officer took me to a small yard where there were many other practitioners. A young female police officer asked me what my name was and where I lived. She recorded my answers. Someone was videotaping everything. They treated us like we were criminals. We were then taken away in vehicles. I was put in a van holding more than ten practitioners. When the van waited for a green light near the Xidan shopping street a young woman called Ding Yan said, "Let's get out." When the driver tried to hold onto a practitioner nearby, the others, including me, took the opportunity and got out of the van. However, I didn't know what to do. My journey to Beijing was to validate Dafa. The next day I went to Fuyou Street again. That day the police were more aggressive. We heard police sirens everywhere. I was taken to Fengdai Stadium. Many practitioners were taken there. We recited together Master's poem:

"Disasters, one atop another, befall the sentient beings
who have changed in ghastly ways;
Yet here in this chaotic world is Dafa to save them.
Confusing Good and Evil as they malign Heaven's Law,
The doers of unpardonable evil will be
swept off by the chill of autumn's wind."

("Good and Evil Now Distinct" in Hong Yin II, Translation Version A)

In the evening we were sent to the Shijingshan Stadium and later to Langfang. At last I was sent back to the city where I lived. The leaders from my workplace took me back to "educate" me.

I was sentenced to three years of forced labor in November 2000 for distributing truth clarification materials and was detained in the No.5 Division of the Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp.

Division head Liu Zhiying treated Dafa practitioners very viciously. She often brutally slapped practitioners' faces. Once she handcuffed me to a metal window railing in the confinement cell until midnight. She even deliberately opened the window to freeze me. When the handcuffs were removed my hands were numb. Liu Zhiying treated the hunger-striking practitioners worse. During the time we were on a hunger strike, she ordered us to clean the floors and windows, including her office, without letting us have any breaks. When we were suffering from the painful forced-feeding she taunted us to "eat" from the nose instead of the mouth.

Another female police official discovered she would feel really uncomfortable whenever she had beaten a practitioner. She eventually asked for a transfer and left the labor camp.

One month later I was sent to the No.4 Division where an atmosphere of terror prevailed. Police officers Geng Xingjun, Zhou Yilin and Fei, were the key people persecuting practitioners.

Once they forced practitioners to watch a video program that slandered Master. They let everyone leave except another practitioner and me, because they were not satisfied with my attitude. Then and there Geng Xingjun broke one of that fellow practitioners' arms on the spot. Zhou Yilin kept slapping my face until I lost consciousness. They would not listen to our good advice and said they did not worry about creating karma. Geng Xingjun often wore a ghostly smile when he tortured practitioners. They often wandered around with electric batons and shocked anyone who didn't please them.

Once, because I didn't eat, I was awakened in the middle of the night and taken to a small, remote yard. I saw many practitioners there, too. Miserable moans and roars were coming from a big house in front with bright lights on inside. Female police officer Liu Junling, who has since been promoted to the position of political head because of her vicious treatment of practitioners, held a practitioner's arms tightly with both hands and dragged her into that room. We were all, one by one, sent into the room. It was a very spacious room, with many military soldiers inside. As soon as I entered the room, four soldiers came at me, grabbed me, and held me above their heads. I was thrown onto a table and brutally force-fed. To carry out the force-feeding, even soldiers were involved. It made me feel as if I was in a pig slaughter house.

On another late night I was taken to an office. Many people were present. They ordered me to slander Dafa, which I refused to do. Geng Xingjun began to torture me. He tied my neck and my hands together behind my back with a very thin rope. He also forced two bricks into the gap between my back and the rope. I don't know when I lost consciousness. When I regained consciousness, only a few female police officers were in the room. The others had already left.

Once, again late at night, I was awakened and taken to an office. They pulled off my pants and started to beat my buttocks with rubber sticks. When they finished, they called for another practitioner. One by one we all suffered brutal beatings. When we were sent back, we couldn't lay on our backs to sleep at all. All practitioners in our cell suffered beatings. Then they beat the practitioners in other cells. A few days later, when we took showers, every practitioners' buttocks were covered with dark purple bruises, which frightened the other inmates and made them feel sympathy for us.

I witnessed Zhou Yilin and Geng Xingjun shocking practitioners with electric batons to try to force them to "reform."