(Clearwisdom.net) The following is news regarding the persecution of three practitioners from Weifang City, Shandong Province.

1. Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Zhang Xueqin from Weifang City was forced to leave her home for a few years due to the persecution launched by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Later she and her husband found jobs in Longkou City, Shandong Province. In November 2006, she was arrested by the police and detained in Wangcun Forced Labor Camp in Shandong Province. According to her husband after he visited her, Ms. Zhang is doing poorly both physically and mentally due to being persecuted.

2. On the afternoon of April 4, 2007, national security agents from Weifang City broke into room six on the second floor of a motel opposite the Jialejia Supermarket on Xinhua Road in the Kuiwen District. They started beating people when they entered the room. They arrested a couple with the surname Yang, who had been forced to live away home for years to avoid arrest and were currently living in the motel. The agents also arrested an older practitioner who was visiting the Yang couple at the time.

3. Practitioner Ms. Ma Yujuan was illegally arrested by the police and detained in Weifang City Detention Center several months past her term. On April 5, 2007, her father and her husband, Yu Kejun, went to Weifang City Police Department to clarify the truth and demand her release. The police from Weifang Police Station then detained Ma Yujuan's father and husband. Her husband, Yu Kejun, was released on the same afternoon. Her father is still being detained.