(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioners are forced to do labor and endure brutal torture at the Jiangxi Province Women's Forced Labor Camp in Qingyunpu District.

In February 2007, practitioner Ms. Yuan Aizhen refused to cooperate with the unreasonable demands of the guards and refused to do hard labor. She was consequently handcuffed for 15 days.

A practitioner from Nanchang City, whose name is unknown, was put in solitary confinement after she was taken to the forced labor camp. When she cried out, “Falun Dafa is great!” the guards became very nervous. They brutally tortured her, tied her with ropes, and stuffed a towel in her mouth. She was continuously tortured for one month.

Practitioner Ms. Xu Jinfeng from Nanchang City refused to cooperate with the guards to perform slave labor. The guards brutally tortured her and tried to force her to do the military walk. Because she refused to cooperate, the guards handcuffed her.

In March, practitioner Ms. Dan Xiaoling was transferred from the general solitary confinement area to a special solitary confinement for further torture. The guards tried to force her to do labor but she refused.

All practitioners sent to the Jiangxi Province Women's Forced Labor Camp in Qingyunpu District had a blood test. The guards used other inmates to force Falun Dafa practitioners to give blood. Due to the unprofessional nature of the blood tests, after taking a blood sample, an inmate who was a drug addict became infected with AIDS. The guards from the labor camp knew this fact but hid the truth. They forced this inmate to do labor and to serve as a “monitor” to watch the practitioners.

A drug abuser from Pingxiang City contracted AIDS, and the provincial labor camp detained her. Because this inmate was tall, the guards used her to torture practitioners. Every action in the labor camp is essentially a plot for persecuting practitioners.

Perpetrators from Jiangxi Province Women's Forced Labor Camp in Qingyunpu District, Nanchang City
Head of a branch in the First Ward: Li Lixin (female)
Guards: Zhang Kun (female), Cheng Ying (female)

Section Heads: Lu and Hong (first names unknown), and guard Zhou