(Clearwisdom.net) I had the good fortune to become a Falun Dafa practitioner in November 1994. The local assistant knew that I was a new practitioner, so he taught me the exercises and bought a copy of Falun Gong for me. After I went home, I started to read the book with great eagerness. I didn't quite understand why I started to have diarrhea as I was reading the book. The diarrhea was so serious that I couldn't even leave the toilet. I became dehydrated in the end, but this somehow didn't make me feel bad, instead, I actually became more energetic. At that time I didn't understand that Master was purifying my body. I just thought that the book Falun Gong was magical and intricate. Fellow practitioners said that I was fortunate and predestined.

At the beginning of December, the assistant told me, “Teacher is going to lecture in Guangzhou at the end of December, would you like to go?” “Yes, I would” I responded without a second thought. The assistant said, “Don't hurry to say that you will go. Guangzhou is an expensive city. You will need a lot of money.” “I will definitely go.” I answered without hesitation.

I was so fortunate to have attended the seminar in Guangzhou, which took place from December 21 to December 28, 1994. It was the last seminar Master gave in China before He went abroad. I consider myself most fortunate when I look back now! These were the happiest and most unforgettable days in my life. Master said in Zhuan Falun,

“I think that whoever gets to hear me transmit the exercises and teachings in person, I’d say he’s really… later on you’ll know, and you’ll feel really glad about this period of time. Of course, we believe in karmic relationship, and everybody sits here because of their karmic relationships.” (Zhuan Falun)

Twelve years have passed, but scenes of the past leap before my eyes as I look back. His tall and sturdy build, His plain and tidy clothes, His kind facial expressions that made us feel welcome and respected. When I saw Master, I couldn't help crying, tears wouldn't stop coming from my eyes. Master's words, deeds, and utmost caring for disciples were touching scenes that left happy memories in our hearts.

On the first day of the seminar, we went back to our motel after the lecture. That night, many practitioners were practicing the sitting meditation exercise except for me, because I didn't know how to do that exercise yet. The room I stayed in housed nine practitioners. Ms. Wang wanted to teach me after she found out that I hadn't yet learned the sitting meditation exercise. Both of my legs were so stiff, it was impossible for me to cross my legs casually, let alone a double lotus position. She patiently taught me how to cross my legs and also taught me the hand gestures. I followed her instructions step by step. On that very day I could miraculously double cross my legs! At that instant, a warm current traveled through my body from top to bottom. I burst into tears and cried for more than twenty minutes. Fellow practitioners in the room were all moved, and they were happy for me.

After the seminar in Guangzhou concluded, two practitioners were waiting for the train at the railway station. Suddenly two robbers were behind them with knives in their hands, forcing them to hand over their money. When the practitioners were just about give them their money, one of them saw Master's picture in her hand. She begged Master to help them. As soon as her words came out, the two robbers ran off. We were very happy and praised our benevolent Master and the miraculous Dafa.

I keep Master's teachings in my heart and remember not to let Master down. I have kept studying the Falun Dafa books and practicing the exercises with my husband. We also spread the Fa to our local community, and there are about one thousand people in our county who have started to practice Falun Dafa through us.

Since then, we have personally experienced the miracles of Falun Dafa in our daily cultivation.

  1. Once, while I was making a meal, I fried a big plate of fish. The hot oil spilled on my right hand and arm accidentally. At that instant I remembered that I was a practitioner and I should be fine. There was no blister on my hand and no skin was damaged. My daughter said, “If this hot oil were spilled on a piece of metal, it would make a sizzling noise, but when spilled on your human flesh, it didn't damage your skin and you have no blisters, that is truly unbelievable!”

  1. Once my son was renovating his house. I went to help him, but was poisoned by the spray paint. I was not able to breathe or move my body properly, I couldn't even lie down. It was as if I was going to suffocate to death. I suffered like that for eight or nine days without taking a single pill or injection. I recovered totally after two weeks. One of my relatives was not a practitioner, she was also poisoned by the same spray paint, and she did not recover after six months of injections.

  1. The gas storage tank in my home was quite old and the rubber pipe connected to the stove started to leak gas. My husband and I didn't notice or feel a thing the whole night. When our daughter came home in the morning, as soon as she opened the door, she smelled a strong gas smell. She was so scared and started to call out our names. But there was nothing wrong with us. Those things that happened were meant to take way our lives. It was Master who protected and looked after me. Thank you again Master!

  1. These kinds of things happened a lot among other practitioners. For example, one practitioner and her husband went to attend a relative's birthday party in the countryside. A traffic accident happened on the way. The two cars collided with each other. The car that the practitioner was in slid into the gully, and it stopped after several turns. The car was damaged and lifted back up by a crane, but the driver in the car, the practitioner, and her husband were all safe. Everyone said that it was a miraculous experience.

  1. A practitioner in the countryside broke her wrist. She didn't go to the hospital. Instead, she pushed the broken bone back to its original position, and asked her husband to wrap it up with a piece of cloth. After several days, her daughter who lives in the nearby village heard about her mother's fractured wrist and went to visit her. When she found out that her mother didn't go to hospital to set the broken bone, she quickly took her mother to the hospital to be examined. The doctor checked the X-ray and asked the practitioner, “Who set the broken bone for you? It is well done.” The practitioner answered, “It was my Master who put the bone together for me.”

  1. There was another practitioner, whose husband was a coal miner. One day when her husband was doing excavation work with others, the mine shaft collapsed. A large stone smashed onto her husband's body. At the same time, some crushed stone and soil dropped onto his body, and his mining lamp was broken. The workers next to him were frightened and called out his name; they thought that he must be in trouble. Just when everyone was worrying about him, they heard, “I am OK, my wife practices Falun Gong.” The strange thing is that the large stone that had smashed on him was broken into pieces, but he was not at all hurt. Fellow practitioners went to visit him after they heard about what happened. He told them gladly, “It was your Master who saved my life. If my wife was not a Falun Dafa practitioner, I would have lost my life.”

There are many miraculous stories like this. Our Master goes to a lot of trouble for all the Dafa practitioners. It is really, “Handling human affairs of every sort, Burdened with all of heaven's troubles.” (Hong Yin)

There are many cultivation stories spread among Falun Dafa practitioners. They inspire us to be more diligent on our path of validating Dafa. Thousands of unspoken words can be expressed in just one sentence: Firmly cultivate in Dafa, follow Master to the end no matter how hard the tribulation is. Let us never disappoint Master's benevolent salvation and Buddha's infinite grace.