(Clearwisdom.net) Weining Forced Labor Camp, located in the Mingshan District in Benxi City, Liaoning Province, currently detains about 20 to 30 Falun Dafa practitioners from the areas of Anshan, Tieling, Dandong, Jinzhou, Panjin, Yinkou, and other places. The labor camp conducts brutal brainwashing and "transformation" activities.

The so-called "legal center" in the Weining Forced Labor Camp has implemented various cruel measures to carry out high-pressure brainwashing and "transformation." For example, on the first day in the "legal center" a newcomer first has to go through the so-called "talk," from early in the morning to late at night. One is confronted with nonstop attacks such as slander, threats, and temptations, coming from the guards or collaborators, one after another. This kind of treatment goes on for days and nights with the help of videos attacking Dafa. Practitioners were not given one moment of peace, let alone sleep. They had people following them even when they used the toilet. Some practitioners could not take these relentless attacks of misleading concepts and ideas, and they gave up the practice or were "transformed." The guards utilized collaborator to physically attack and walk on practitioners, who were roped and bound with their legs crossed with a flat board on top. The guards would sometimes force a male and female practitioner to embrace each other while bound in that position.

A more brutal torture involved tying up a practitioner face up or down with his or her four limbs spread eagled on a bed for 15 to 20 days. They had to eat on the bed and were not even allowed up to use the toilet. When finally released, they were unable to walk, even for short distances.

Labor Camp Director Liu Shaoshi, formerly the director of the health department, nicknamed "Little Ghost Liu," was fired from his post because of his extreme corruption. At this time, the Chinese Communist Party had just begun to persecute practitioners nationwide. The drug rehabilitation center in the camp was converted to a special center for detaining practitioners. The vicious Liu Shaoshi seized the opportunity and became the director of this newly established center. He deceived practitioners and their families with false kindness and feigned compassion, as part of his process of "transforming" practitioners.

Department manager Zheng Tao always used excuses to increase non-"transformed" practitioners' sentences in order to achieve his own goals by means of threats and incentives. Assistant Camp Director Guo Tieying threatened steadfast practitioners every day. They both utilized collaborator to torment practitioners. For example, practitioner Mr. Li Guangwen, a college graduate, 40 years old and still single, was sexually taunted by a woman who even took a stool and sat in front of Li Guangwen, forehead touching forehead, embracing his neck. Then she said shamelessly, "Let's see how strong your desire for

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