(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Zhang Weijie from Wuhan City has been missing since March 20, 2007. His wife has been searching for him everywhere. She eventually went to the Huaqiao Street 610 Office and the Jiang'an District 610 Office to inquire about her husband's whereabouts. The head of the Jiang'an District 610 Office, Li Yingjie, first said that her husband was sent to a brainwashing center, but later he totally denied that claim. Zhang Weijie's wife got very anxious. She worried that her husband might have become a victim of organ harvesting. She called the Wuhan City Mayoral hotline to seek help. After that, Li Yingjie acknowledged that Zhang Weijie was detained in a brainwashing center, but he denied that the Jiang'an District 610 Office had arrested him. He said it was the higher authorities that had arrested Zhang Weijie and that he didn't know Zhang Weijie's exact whereabouts.

On March 30, Mr. Zhang's wife went to the Wuhan City 610 Office to inquire about his whereabouts and find out the reason he was arrested. She also asked the 610 Office to release him unconditionally. A woman named Zhao, who works in the Wuhan City 610 Office, talked to Mr. Zhang's wife. She said that the 610 Office had arrested Zhang Weijie secretly because they worried that if he wasn't "transformed," he would influence more Falun Gong practitioners to "cause trouble." Zhang Weijie's wife was very angry. She pointed out clearly that this was organized crime committed by the government.

Zhao then called Li Yingjie to come and "solve the problem." Two cars arrived and four men and one woman got out. None of them was Li Yingjie. One pretended to be Li Yingjie and told Zhang Weijie's wife, "If you want to see Zhang Weijie now, we can take you to see him." She knew they were trying to deceive her, so she refused to go with them. Then the person who pretended to be Li Yingjie threatened her, "You already know that Zhang Weijie is in the brainwashing center. Do not look for him anymore."

Zhang Weijie's wife searched for her husband everywhere for a week. She knows that her husband was arrested by the Wuhan City 610 Office, in collusion with the First Section of the Wuhan City Police Department, but she still does not know exactly where he is.

Telephone Numbers:

Deng Bin, director of the Wuhan City 610 Office: 86-27-82402420, 86-27-82411838
Ren Qiang, deputy director of the Wuhan City 610 Office: 86-27-82402903, 86-27-82637847
First Section of the Wuhan City Police Department: 86-27-85395240, 86-27-85395257