A Member of a Political and Judicial Committee Who Persecuted Practitioners Dies of Cancer

Zhang Yaoquan, 56 years old, was a staff member of the Political and Judicial Committee of the Tonghua Sub-Bureau of Shenyang Railway Bureau. After July 20, 1999, he followed Jiang Zemin's regime and persecuted Falun Gong practitioners of the Railway System in Tonghua Sub-Bureau. In fact, he was a primary culprit in that persecution. He put practitioners under surveillance, ransacked their homes, and arrested them. He was hostile toward the practice and slandered Teacher.

In November 2006, Zhang Yaoquan developed lung cancer. After he had suffered in great agony for over two months, he died in early March, 2007.

Two in Charge of a Local Community Management Committee Die after Persecuting Practitioners

Li Weiyang, the head of the Xiping Local Community Management Committee of Panchangcheng Company No. 4 Factory in Hongyou City, Sichuan Province, was 60 years old and in good health. After July 20 1999, he slandered Falun Dafa, monitored practitioners, and reported information to the security department. His wife wished to read Falun Dafa books, but he did not allow her to do so. In addition, he ripped Falun Dafa books apart. Later, he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and taken to Sichuan Hospital in Chengdu to receive chemotherapy. He died soon after.

Another person in charge of the same committee, Yan Jun, in his 40s, had been monitoring practitioners. He also asked neighbors of practitioners to spy on them. One day, when he was playing Mahjong, he fell out of his chair, hit his head on the ground, and lost consciousness. He was taken to the hospital and died two days later.

After Using Many Methods to Torture Practitioners, a Police Chief Now Suffers Tremendously During the Last Stage of Cancer

Once Jiang Zemin began the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999, Zhao Dajun, the former head of the Laocheng Police Station in Tu County, Liaoning Province, began arresting practitioners who had gone to Beijing to appeal to the government. He put them into detention centers or forced labor camps and imposed heavy fines on them. During his tenure at the Laocheng Police Station, he was also violent toward steadfast practitioners. He beat and swore at them. He also cursed Teacher and Dafa.

In 2000, Zhao was transferred to head the Zhanqian Police Station in Changtu County. During his tenure, he still didn't listen when practitioners tried to persuade him to follow kindness instead of his evil ways. On July 20, 2004, he arrested a practitioner couple.

During the interrogation, Zhao tried to humiliate and torture the male practitioner. He stuck truth-clarification post-it notes onto his face. Then he said to his subordinates, "Bring me two toothpicks and wait and see how I am going to deal with him." His driver by the last name of Li found two toothpicks. Zhao said that the tips were not pointy enough, so he ordered his subordinates to find another two toothpicks with sharp ends. At that time, there were six or seven police officers in the room (including the deputy head of the police station, Chang Yong). They handcuffed this practitioner behind his back, took off his pants, and then stabbed his penis with the two toothpicks. While being tortured, the practitioner kept warning Zhao that he would receive retribution for using this inhuman torture on a Dafa practitioner, that it would not be allowed by heaven and Earth! Zhao yelled, "You said that I would receive retribution! Why am I still doing okay?"

Now Zhao is paying for the evil deeds he committed. He is suffering in agony from the last stage of cancer.

After Destroying Falun Dafa Books, a Father and Son Die

Due to believing in the slander fabricated by Jiang Zemin's regime, Liu Songming and his father, Liu Yunbin, both from Baila Village, Buyun Bridge, Qidong County, Heyang City,Hunan Province, received retribution and died.

Liu Songming was strongly against his wife practicing Falun Gong, so he asked his mother to monitor his wife. Whenever he saw his wife doing the exercises or studying Zhuan Falun, he grabbed her book, beat her up, or even chased her with a knife in his hand. His wife had clarified the truth to him many times, but he did not want to listen. He purposefully sat on Dafa books, and he was disrespectful toward Teacher's portraits. He also burned Falun Dafa books. One time he boasted to others, "I burned Falun Dafa books--no consequence at all!"

On January 26, 2001, only one month after his boastful statement, he suddenly started vomiting blood during a card game. He was rushed to the hospital, but emergency treatments failed. He died within two days. He was not even 35 years old when he died.

Liu Songming's father, Liu Yunbin, had said to throw Falun Dafa books into a container for human excrement. On the day of his son's funeral, Liu Yunbin sternly said to his daughter-in-law, "I am a member of the CCP. I can't stand having Falun Gong in my family. Whoever practices Falun Gong, get out!"

Liu Yunbin had been in great health. He always had a good appetite, and he was never sick. In 2002, however, while he was working in the field, he had a stroke. He died suddenly at the end of November 2003.

Good and evil will meet with just consequences. I suggest to those who believe the CCP's lies and who have committed evil deeds against Falun Dafa practitioners: quickly wake up. Cherishing Dafa is cherishing your life. Please treat Falun Dafa practitioners kindly so that you will have a future.