(Clearwisdom.net) I am a practitioner in Shanxi Province. I learned Dafa in April 1999, hoping to cure my illnesses. I often had headaches, colds and cold sores. On my lower legs, I had coin sized spots with pea sized grains in the middle growing some hair-like stuff. Needle holes on my body formed blisters. Nowhere on me was intact. I was virtually committing slow suicide every day, with no hope in my life. With so many illnesses, I could only pay attention to whichever was bothering me the most. I spent a lot of money, but could not cure the illnesses. I often said to myself: "I truly do not know how much karma I committed in my previous life."

Later my sister introduced me to Falun Gong. But my goal was to cure the illnesses, and I did not read the book. I didn't improve my xinxing and I seldom did the exercises, so my illnesses did not improve. My sister often said I was not diligent.

In June, 1999, my symptoms worsened. Family members kept urging me to see a doctor. My sister reluctantly took me to a hospital, and found that I had lupus. Both my sister and I were shocked, because we knew a twenty four year-old lady in the next village who had died of it. To be sure, we went to the provincial hospital, and they found that it was a different disease not as bad as lupus, but still a difficult and costly one to cure. The doctor said: "It will cost from five hundred to one thousand yuan each month to treat. If you have enough money, you can probably keep it from getting worse. If not, it will be difficult."

As an average family we could never afford it. Seeing I was worried, my sister said to me: "We cannot change the existing facts. It is up to you yourself now. Go home and diligently do the exercises. Only Falun Gong can save you. Many people who have been "sentenced to death" by the hospital have recovered. As long as you truly cultivate yourself, you will be fine." I nodded, helplessly. The hospital examination itself had already cost over a thousand yuan.

On our way home, the train ride was so crowded that we could barely find a place to stand. My sister said: "I introduced you to such a good cultivation method and you are not diligent with it. You not only suffer yourself, you cause other people to suffer with you too." My sister's words touched my heart and I decided that I would start to cultivate seriously. Otherwise, I would not survive, and would burden others.

After returning home, I hid the result of my medical examination from my husband. I began to study the book and do the exercises. I also took medication. Reading the book increased my understanding and I decided to be a good cultivator. I told my husband the truth, told him not to worry, and told him that I would be okay as long as I cultivated seriously. Being a meticulous person, and depressed because of my illness, he talked little and was often unhappy. My words appeared to give him a trace of hope. He encouraged me: "Why don't you work hard in your cultivation. I will support you."

When I finished about one third of my medication, I enlightened from studying Dafa: "A true cultivator does not have illnesses." I thought to myself: "By cultivating and taking medicine at the same time, am I not treating myself as an ordinary person? I am a cultivator. To cultivate I need to get rid of my karma to be free from illnesses and hardships. Furthermore, the side effects of these medicines can be very harmful to my body." Realizing these Fa principles, I stopped my medication. All my symptoms improved gradually. The doctor later told me that the hormone medication that I was on needed to be reduced gradually and that discontinuing them would have bad effect. However, this never happened.

Within two months, all of my symptoms disappeared. My facial tone became normal, and my energy level improved. A while later I was able to operate a small store and my business was especially good. My son and daughter both attended college. My son bought a house in Beijing and got married. My daughter is going to an elite college in another province.

My husband has become a very joyful person. My whole family is nice and happy. I often tell people: "Teacher gave us all this. He made it possible for our family to be as nice as it is today. It is Dafa that saved our whole family."