(Clearwisdom.net) In the busy city centre of Munich, Germany, at Marienplatz Square, pedestrians and tourists leisurely enjoyed the fresh air and blue sky. When Falun Gong practitioners unfolded banners, people were attracted and their expressions became serious. The banners read "The CCP harvests organs from living Falun Gong practitioners" and "Support the 20 million withdrawals from the CCP." There was also a long scroll reflecting on the CCP's persecution of the people since it took political power, and a "bloody" surgery table exposing the CCP's living organ harvesting. All of these presented the CCP's actual nature to the people. Facing the such a wicked scenario in human history, people's astonishment and indignation was self-evident. "These things are happening in China. What use is what you are doing here?" Comments like this incurred immediate refute from a crowd of people: "Of course it's useful, this is not only China's concern, but the concern of each person in the world."

CCP's crimes are exposed

CCP organ harvesting atrocities are shocking

Thai tourists condemn CCP atrocities

A Greek law student said he hopes his signature will help stop CCP killing

On March 27, 2007, the number of withdrawals from the CCP and related organizations reached twenty million. In order to celebrate this historical period, Falun Gong practitioners from Munich and surrounding areas held a series of activities hoping to give Chinese people more chances to break free from the evil party.

During the course of the activity, a young couple stayed for nearly two hours. A young woman, from mainland China, was poisoned by the CCP quite deeply. Her German boyfriend was worried about her attitude and exhorting his girlfriend to give up her prejudice towards Falun Gong. He hoped his girlfriend could sign the petition with him together to oppose the persecution, but the woman wouldn't comply with it. The man did his best to persuade her by talking about Laozi and Confucius to the CCP's destruction of Chinese traditional culture and hoped his girlfriend could understand the evil nature of the CCP. But she just simply could not accept it as soon as anyone mentioned the seamy side of the CCP and thought it was against China.

Later on a Falun Gong practitioner had a long chat with the young woman, talking from how the CCP destroyed the Chinese culture, how the CCP sneakily came into power after the Sino-Japanese War, to why we need to quit from the CCP. Gradually some knots in her heart had been untied, finally the woman's tight expression became gentle. She expressed thanks to the Falun Gong practitioner with a smile and indicated that she will read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and seriously think about the issues of quitting the CCP. During the discussion, her German boyfriend was watching her smilingly, and felt relieved.

A German lady said to Falun Gong practitioners that she knew various groups being persecuted, but none of them had stepped forward publicly, like Falun Gong practitioners, to expose the wickedness of the persecution. To do this, Falun Gong practitioners needed to have great courage. It can help more people understand the truth. She said she admires Falun Gong practitioner's courage very much and hoped Falun Gong practitioners can keep up their efforts.

"I cannot bear to watch it any more; I'm about to cry." A tourist from North Korea said to Falun Gong practitioners and hoped Falun Gong practitioners would continue.

A Vietnamese man who experienced a similar persecution by the Communist Party expressed that, in Vietnam, many of his relatives and friends had been compelled to be separated. The Communist Party can do any evil thing. He thought the fact that Falun Gong practitioners, under such dangerous circumstances, could still stand up to expose the CCP's atrocities, really needed courage.

Dryllis from Greece, a student of Law at Munich University, told reporters that he and his fellow classmate, Mazanik from the Czech Republic, are doing a thesis on the law of organ transplanting. They signed the petition to stop the CCP's brutal conduct and hoped to find a right way to save more people but not to harm any other life.

A German lady sitting in a wheelchair signed her name laboredly. She said that this kind of crime must be stopped immediately. She was informed by her friend about this appalling news.