(Clearwisdom.net) An adobe house surrounded by raging flood waters remained intact, shocking people and manifesting Buddha's compassion.

July 25, 1995, was truly a memorable day in Xinbin County, Liaoning Province. Every Falun Dafa practitioner and every person, from the county head to ordinary citizens, knew that a miracle had happened at practitioner Ms. Zhao's adobe house. The news spread throughout the Liaodong Peninsula.

The severest flood in 100 years struck that day in Xinbin County. Massive flooding quickly affected the entire county. Ms. Zhao's home was in the flood's main path. To the right of her home was a paddy field. The river was to the left. A reservoir dam had burst 20 li (6.2 miles) upstream from her home.

Ms. Zhao was eating lunch as the flood waters approached. Two people ran to her home and told her, "A raging flood is coming. Take your valuables and leave as soon as possible or it will be too late!" Hearing this, Ms. Zhao took her copy of Zhuan Falun, Master's lecture video and audiotapes and some of Master's other books. She wrapped them in a raincoat and rushed out. When she got to the iron bridge in front of her home, the massive wall of water had already destroyed the flood control dam behind her home and was rushing toward her small adobe house.

Ms. Zhao was extremely anxious because she had not taken Master's picture out of the house. She said Master's name to herself and thought, "I have no request, but I hope the flood will not destroy my home, because Master's picture is still there!"

At that critical point a miracle happened. One hundred meters (about 328 ft) behind her home the rapidly moving floodwaters suddenly split into two streams that ran on either side of the house. The swiftly moving floodwaters on the west side of the small house destroyed the iron bridge on the left of the house and inundated the paddy field on the right side of the house, but the adobe house was left intact, surrounded by water. The water level reached above the windowsills on the house, but the flood did not burst into the house. Local officials and people nearby who were observing the flood were amazed at this incredible sight.

After the flood receded, Ms. Zhao hurried toward her small house. She was shocked at what she saw around the house. There was sand and stones everywhere in the field on the right side of the house while everything on the left side were cleared out. But in the front of her house, the vegetables on either side of her house were intact. Not only that, fertile soil brought by the flood had ended up in the vegetable field. The small lane between the vegetable fields, which used to be muddy on rainy days, was paved with fine sand about a dozen centimeters (about six inches) high and ten meters (about 32 ft) long. It turned out to be easy to walk on. Ms. Zhao entered the house and found that, although water had seeped into the house, Master's picture was intact. She became extremely excited and tears filled her eyes. She knelt down in front of Master's picture with gratitude in her heart.

After this amazing occurrence, people in Xinbin County excitedly spread the news and talked about the incident. Many people visited her home. Ms. Zhao and her small house suddenly became famous. Some said it was because she was practicing Falun Gong; some said it was her Master who protected her; some people said we should build houses there because it was a good geographical location. A few officials in Xinbin County also visited the small home. As a result, they all treated Falun Gong practitioners respectfully.

The power of Buddha is boundless.

March 16, 2007