(Clearwisdom.net) March 3rd of each year for me is the most worthwhile to celebrate, because on Mar. 3, 1994 I was fortunate to attend the Falun Gong seminar given by Master Li in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. Master has given me a new life, and that day is my milestone.

Since 1993 I had often caught colds, had headaches and angina pain. I wanted to join a type of movement for healing and fitness. A colleague brought me a brief introduction of a Falun Gong seminar from a qigong association. The seminar would be held on Mar. 3, 1994. The auditorium in which the seminar would be held was five minutes distance from my work place. I attended because of the close proximity; otherwise, I would not have attended.

When I arrived at the auditorium I saw many cars and knew there must be a lot of people attending. I asked the attendant where I could buy a ticket. He told me tickets would not be sold in the auditorium but in the Youth Palace. I said if I could not buy a ticket here I would leave. He asked me to come back and said someone was canceling her ticket. I saw a country woman in her forties holding a ticket. She said it was a standing room only ticket and I said I would like to get it, even if it was standing room only. I have always remembered this woman, for thirteen years now. Why was this so opportune? I got a ticket! Master had worried that I would miss this rare opportunity. It is obvious that Master conveys all his thoughts so each disciple can obtain the Fa. When I went to the auditorium, the announcer welcomed Teacher Li Hongzhi for his lecture presentation. Seeing Master on the platform, I could not help crying: so young and so compassionate He was! I saw my colleagues in the auditorium.

After hearing the first lecture, I understood that Falun Gong cultivation requires one to focus on one school. Because I could not give up a formerly learned qigong I did not attend the evening lecture. On March 4, 1994 I went to work and asked the colleague if he had attended. He replied in the affirmative, and the fee was inexpensive, only fifty yuan. In the afternoon I went to the qigong association to get more detailed information. A couple told me that Falun Gong was a high level cultivation, and they had also come to buy tickets. The people selling the tickets said, "We will be off duty [soon]; do you want to buy tickets?" I replied that I did.

I came into the auditorium and saw that people were paying attention and quietly listening to Master's lecture. I also closed my eyes and listened silently. I noticed something odd, as if something between my eyebrows was digging powerfully in and making my head nod. In addition, my eyes were filled with tears. When I wiped them with a handkerchief, I cleaned out a lot of white things. At that time I felt supernatural and could not fail to realize that Master was adjusting my body. I had not felt anything for the ten months I had studied the other qigong. But Falun Gong had such a supernatural effect. This was a good practice, and I would like to study it. Master said in his lecture that the people who could learn Falun Gong should consider themselves most fortunate. When I wrote an experience sharing report I indicated I wanted to learn Falun Gong.

After hearing Master's ten lectures, my world view had an unthinkable change. In the beginning, I was averse to attending; however, when I attended the last lecture, I knew it was the last lecture Master would be giving us, and I did not want Master to leave. After finishing explaining all the questions, there was a brief summary. The practitioners from other places presented the brocade flags to Master. The announcer of the Qigong Association declared that the delegate from Shijiazhuang City would speak. We had to wait because the announcer had not arranged the delegates in advance. The announcer said that if no one would like to speak, we would begin the next item. At that time I thought we should not be impolite to Master. I ran to the side of the stage, found the related personnel, and expressed that I wanted to delegate practitioners from Shijiazhuang City to speak. When I stood in front of the transmitter, I spoke loudly, "I delegate the practitioners from Shijiazhuang City to welcome the nationwide practitioners." After that I heard a burst of applause. I continued speaking, "We are grateful for Master's coming to Shijiazhuang City and teaching us the Fa." Another burst of applause appeared. I then said, "I have not prepared anything; therefore, I will just say one thing: we must study Falun Gong well." I heard a bust of applause. When I turned about and looked at Master, I saw Master standing from his seat. I bowed down to Master deeply, full of smiles, and then Master grasped my hands with his two hands and smiled at me. I felt at the time that I was so childish, naive and obtrusive. Nowadays when I recall the scene, I feel I so happy and honored!

In June of the same year, there were three hundred people from Shijiazhuang City going to Jinan City to attend the lecture there. Because I had some difficulties in my family I did not plan to go. However, many practitioners told me that if I did not go I would regret it in my lifetime; therefore, I tried my best to arrange the affairs in my family well. Early in the morning of the day when I was going to Jinan City, I woke up at three o'clock. I was so happy that I could not fall asleep. Now I can understand that my Main Spirit knew that I would see Master, so I was so excited. It was Master who helped me arrange the affairs in my family so that I could attend the lectures again. In the Shijiazhuang City lectures I obtained the Fa, but I had little Fa understanding. In addition, I had no books, and did not know how to study well. Master arranged all these things.

During the period of the Jinan lectures, I had been crying, because my original nature knew how much karma Master helped me eliminate and how many rare and good things Master gave me. In addition, Master arranged my cultivation path, and balanced everything throughout my different lifetimes. I could not express my appreciation, but only cry.

In the fourth lecture, Master mentioned fans. When putting down our fans, we did not feel hot, but very cool just like the weather after a rain. In addition, there was a gentle breeze. I witnessed the whole process. This supernatural phenomenon was not done by ordinary people. When I listened to the lecture with my left ear, I felt a huge energy in it. I thought that Master put energy into my left ear.

Everyone I met in Jinan City seemed very familiar. I told them that in the morning some practitioners were practicing Falun Gong at the east gate of Daminghu, and in the evening there were lectures held in Emperor Gymnasium. No matter what, these people would get a good impression of Falun Gong. My original nature was taking advantage of opportunities to introduce Falun Dafa, and made people not want to miss the very rare chance.

At the lecture, every practitioner was requested to write down his sharing and experiences. At that time I had a strong attachment of showing off. I came to the auditorium in advance, and just at that time Master came to the auditorium in advance to see the practitioners. I wanted to hand in my experience to Master in person. I walked in front of Master and said, "Master, this is my experience." Master took it and then gave it to one of the staff.

Master usually left as soon as he finished his lecture; however, after the last lecture Master didn't leave at once. Many practitioners asked Master to give them autographs, and Master signed patiently. I was so sad and said, "Practitioners, it is too hot, and we should not ask Master to sign for us." Many practitioners realized it immediately after hearing my words; therefore, they did not ask Master to sign for them and said good-bye to Master.

For the past thirteen years, if I had a doubt about Dafa, my main spirit will correct my false thinking immediately. How much effort has Master contributed for me! I have a determination to follow Master; therefore, if I have not performed well, I will feel sorry to Master. I know I must accomplish my promises and cannot deceive Master. When I began to study Falun Gong, because I had studied another qigong, my interference was very big. Furthermore, I felt that I had spirit or animal possession. I was so fortunate that Master helped me eliminate the interference and gave me a new life. Master has done so much for the disciples. I will cherish this very rare chance to do the three things well so that I can be worthy of Teacher's benevolent salvation and be worthy of being Master's disciple.

March 1, 2007