(Clearwisdom.net) Hu Enkui, a Dafa practitioner from Hefei City, was illegally arrested by the Hefei Public Security Bureau and 610 Office in July 2003. Hu was hung up by the handcuffs for five days, and scars could still be seen on his hands eight months later. His legs were crippled from the torture and could not function normally. Thereafter, he suffered even more inhumane torture.

1. Persecution Suffered at the Second Detention Center of Hefei City

Hu was illegally arrested and imprisoned in the Second Detention Center of Hefei City. The Deputy Section Leader of the Disciplinary Section in the Detention Center, surnamed Yan, forced Hu to squat on the ground. When Hu refused, Yan cuffed both his hands behind his back for half a day, until both of his hands were swollen. Following that, Hu was tortured by policemen and convicts.

At the 41st cell in the Detention Center, policeman Li Jiaying instructed convicts to assault Hu Enkui on several occasions. Cui Lantian, a policeman from the 26th cell, used cigarettes as rewards and beatings as punishments to force convicts to gang up and pin Hu to the ground, while two other convicts urinated on Hu's body. Hu was also shocked with electric batons for prolonged periods of time. In the winter, the criminals would pour cold water on him and prevent him from sleeping. Cui struck Hu's legs with clubs himself. To this day, Hu still carries many scars as a result. The policemen in Li Jiaying's cell, together with leader of the Disciplinary Section He Fengchang, deputy leader of the Disciplinary Section Yan, and a doctor surnamed Chen, subjected Mr. Hu to forced feeding, "Dead Man's Bed", "Nails on a Board", and other forms of torture several times.

Li Jun, another practitioner from Changfeng County, Hefei City, Anhui Province and a former employee at the Anhui Cha Car Factory were arrested in late October 2002. In 2003, he was force fed to death in the 26th cell of the Second Detention Center by He Hengchang, Yan, Cui Lantian and Li (disciplinary leader of 26th cell).

2. Persecution at the Suzhou Prison

Later, Hu Enkui was transferred to Suzhou Prison, where he suffered beatings by convict Li Guoguang under instructions from the head of the First Prison District and former Prison Chief Lu Yang, as well as District Team Leader Yu Weizhou. As a result of the beating, Hu could not even eat normally.

Between December 20, 2004 and January 5, 2005, Hu was beaten many times by convicts Wu Li (a former practitioner who has turned against Dafa), Wang Jianxiang, and others. He was brought to the "Psychological Counseling Office" on the fifth floor of the Education Section to be beaten, as well.

At around 4 p.m. on January 6, 2005, Hu was tortured in the First Prison District until he became crippled. The forms of torture included:

1. Not allowing him to wear clothes in a room with the fan on and windows open, so as to freeze him (the lowest temperature was -10 degrees Celsius)

2. With one hand handcuffed onto the window bars up high, another hand was tied with a rope. The criminals would pull on the rope until both legs were off the ground.

3. Beatings and being shocked by electric batons for prolonged periods of time. Hu's body was charred and smelled of burns, and oozed pus thereafter. Yu Weizhou carried out this personally for as long as half an hour.

4. Using fists, elbows and knees to strike Hu's chest and punching Hu's private areas.

5. Pulling Hu's legs apart to the point where Hu was badly injured and could not walk for several days.

6. Lu Yang used his leather boots to stomp violently on Hu's feet until both feet were swollen and he could not wear any shoes. After freezing Hu for more than twenty hours, they would then burn his feet using hot water bags. Such repeated torture caused severe injuries. Hu still feels the pain when walking right now and also periods of numbness in the foot.

The participating convicts included Wang Songling, Xiao Hua and Liu Jun and others. After the torture was exposed, Lu Yang forced convicts Liu Jun and Xiao Hua to take 500 and 1,000 yuan each to try to bribe the related supervising departments in the prison in order to cover things up. Yu Weizhou and Lu Yang, as a result, did not suffer legal prosecution for their acts.

In the Tangqiao Prison District, there are three Prison Sections. Criminal Wang Daomin is the leader, while Tang Yong and Zheng Taiping are the deputy disciplinary leaders of the Re-Education Section. In the First Prison Section, Jin Xiaoming is the Section Leader, Xi Ming is the Re-Education Leader, and Cheng Guoxi is in charge of production; in the Second Prison Section, Li Jing is the Section Leader; in the Third Prison Section, Wang Junjian is the Section Leader and Wang Jinlong are in charge of internal affairs. Jiang Jian, Yang Min, Zhu Bonan, and Fan Jianjun are policemen in the Tangqiao Prison District. Deputy Prison Chief and Disciplinary Team Member Qiu Yugen, Political Committee Member Ma Shilong, Leader of the Re-Education Section Gao Bo, and Zhao Lifeng, Zhong Jianbo and San Lei from the Re-Education Section have all participated in the persecution. Wu Muzao is the leader of the Disciplinary Team.