(Clearwisdom.net) I recently came to some new realizations on how to rescue fellow practitioners in prisons, and how to send righteous thoughts to help practitioners. I have written them down, and hope this will help us to improve together.

Let me first share two incidents. A practitioner was arrested and taken to a detention center. When the practitioner was released, the practitioners he knew shared how they had sent righteous thoughts for him, and so forth. In summary, we can't allow the evil to persecute practitioners.

The released practitioner and I then had a conversation. He said, "Practitioners should change their notions when they send forth righteous thoughts to rescue fellow practitioners. We should not always be afraid of the persecution of practitioners. Actually, the real persecution is happening to everyday people. Our purpose is not simply to prevent any persecution of practitioners, it is to rescue sentient beings! Why are we aiding Master to rectify the Fa in the first place? We have to accomplish what Master wants. Sending forth righteous thoughts just for the purpose of eliminating the appearance of persecution is purely for everyday people. We should not always focus on ourselves and fear persecution."

I remember another incident: I saw an article in Minghui Weekly that reported that officers in more than ten police cars had chased a practitioner. I thought at that moment, "How could he escape from such a situation?" However, when I continued to read, I learned that the practitioner had thought, "I can't let the evil persecute sentient beings!" He didn't consider the policemen who were after him as evil. Instead, he had a clear righteous thought, "Evil can't persecute sentient beings!" Just this unselfish thought, which is being responsible to Dafa and to people, had completely fulfilled what Master wants. In the end, no one dared to arrest him and he has not experienced any persecution. I was deeply touched after I read this article. In that kind of dangerous situation, he didn't have any thoughts of being persecuted or of how to protect himself; rather, he was concerned about sentient beings being persecuted by the evil. His way of thinking is truly based on being responsible to human beings and Dafa.

The examples of the understandings of these two practitioners helped me to think about persecution incidents that happened around us. If all of us can think about things as these two practitioners did, what kind of persecution can still exist? Master has said:

"As I've said, everything that happens today in the ordinary society is the result of Dafa disciples' thoughts." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.")

The Fa-rectification is progressing rapidly. There is an urgent need to rescue practitioners from prisons and to rescue everyday people. We must not always think of ourselves and hence slow down the rescue of practitioners and sentient beings. Since the old forces can sneak in through any loopholes, we have to accomplish what Master wants. Doing this is the most righteous. Fa-rectification cultivation is profoundly serious. It is so serious that our every thought has to be on the Fa in order to understand Dafa. Thus, our cultivation path will become wider and wider as we walk along it.

Recently our Dalian practitioners have published several articles about rescuing imprisoned practitioners. When we held discussions, we said that we have to increase the strength of our sending forth righteous thoughts for the arrested practitioners. I think that it should not matter how many times we send forth righteous thoughts. It is more important that our thoughts are based on being responsible to Dafa and sentient beings, and that we don't let any kind of persecution exist. We should form a strong righteous energy field for Dafa and human beings, and fulfill what Master wants. With such an understanding, we make our efforts to rescue persecuted fellow practitioners worthwhile.