(Clearwisdom.net) Some practitioners and I went to Beijing to appeal on behalf of Dafa in October 1999. The police authorities at the Sanhe County Train Station arrested us when we passed by.

The policemen there intentionally verbally abused and beat the practitioners held there everyday. They unlawfully interrogated and tried to extract confessions from us. We were shocked with electric batons, and they confiscated our cash and identification. They performed illicit body searches on the female practitioners. Two male officers put the female practitioners in separate rooms, locked the doors, and drew down the window blinds. They forced us to take off our shoes and socks and our clothes down to our underwear. When they didn't find cash on us, they groped us over, molesting us thoroughly.

They also told us to loosen the tie of our underwear, saying they were looking for money. Then they looked in. One female practitioner was having her period. They told her to take out the used sanitary napkin and put it back after they checked it. They also forced us to clean the rooms, cars, windows, and bathroom for them. They even forced a practitioner from Fushun to clean the clogged toilet with her bare hands and no cleaning tools. Then they forced us to sit up in chairs for an entire night. They opened the windows in the room, intending to freeze us.