(Clearwisdom.net) Minghui correspondent De Xiang reports from Berlin, Germany: New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV) staged two Chinese New Year Spectacular shows in Berlin on February 27 and February 28, 2007. Germans with a reputation for strict discipline and conservative minds were touched and moved by the divine performances from the East. I want to share a few interesting stories here.

"The entire dimension changed as my heart changed"

One Swedish Falun Gong practitioner handed out flyers in Alexanderplatz saying, "The NTDTV performance carries the essence of 5,000-year Chinese culture. The first-ever show to come to Berlin!"

It was windy and cold; people wrapped their coats tightly around themselves and hurried by without expressions. They didn't even look at the practitioner or the flyers in her hand. She felt sad and thought, "NTDTV performance can rescue people and help people learn the truth about Falun Gong. It is a terrible shame for anyone to miss this opportunity." Her compassion had emerged; she was pondering the well-being of the world's people. She was anxious and worried, and yet people continued to walk by her in haste.

Suddenly she thought, "Why should I put on a sad face? I am bringing Berliners the best gift! I should be happy!" She instantly felt her heart/mind lightening and continued to say the same thing, but with a smile from the depth of her heart, "The NTDTV performance carries the essence of 5,000-year Chinese culture..." To her surprise, people's expressions changed, as if the iceberg separating them from Dafa had melted. They almost couldn't wait to take a flyer from her. Some people stretched out their arms from a distance and thanked her.

She realized how important a Dafa practitioner's thoughts are for the world's people. People's attitudes change as a practitioner gives up all attachments. It's the same with doing other things.

She cannot leave until she has clarified the truth

An older Falun Gong practitioner walks through a supermarket every day on her way to hand out flyers. She never thought of giving some flyers to the people who work at the supermarket because she doesn't speak very good German. One day she entered the supermarket as usual, but the alarm went off. She was startled and took a few steps back. The security officer smiled at her and told her it's ok for her to leave. As she approached the door, however, the alarm went off again. She was embarrassed, and although the security officer said she did not have to submit to a bag search, she insisted on removing everything from her bag.

It turned out that nothing in her bag triggered the alarm except the book Zhuan Falun. The alarm would sound whenever she carried the book. The staff people at the supermarket were amazed and asked, "What kind of book is it? Why is it so special?" She handed out lots of flyers that day. She realized Teacher has made arrangements for everything; she cannot leave until she has clarified the truth.

NTDTV presented the Berlin audience an "authentic Chinese culture show free of Communist Party culture." The performance also received rave reviews in many countries. The profound meaning and divine beauty vividly illustrate the morality of the East with the goal of rescuing the world's people. The evil was frightened and spared no effort to interfere with the show. Several Falun Gong practitioners who stayed in Berlin for a relatively long time to help promote the show experienced pressure from other dimensions.

The practitioners discovered that if they didn't study the Fa well, people would be less receptive toward the flyers; if they didn't do the exercises, they would feel drained of energy; if they didn't get up in the morning to send forth righteous thoughts, the outcome of flyer distribution would turn out poorly for that day. Therefore, all three things are critically important.

It seems like everyone has something to do with China

"How come everyone seems to have something to do with China?" Falun Gong practitioner Zhou said to the reporter, "When I told them the NTDTV performance brings Chinese culture to life, many, many Berliners greeted, thanked and said goodbye to me in Chinese. I don't know when it became popular to learn Chinese. Someone was born in Qingdao City; some people studied in China or they are teaching in a Chinese school; some people said they had visited some places in China, or they collected Chinese antique furniture.

Zhou once asked a German woman for directions. The German woman saw that Zhou was Chinese, so she started telling him stories about China. She went on and on for a long time.

Zhou said he felt Berliners have a deep connection to Falun Dafa and also felt people are eagerly waiting to be rescued. The only way to rescue people in the region is to clarify the truth more, and do it well.