(Clearwisdom.net) On February 2, 2007, Ms. Wang Bo, practitioner from Shijiazhuang City in Hebei Province was sentenced to a five year prison term without any legal justification. The charge leveled against her by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) representatives read, "Crime of using evil cult to destroy law implementation." Her father Mr. Wang Xinzhong and mother Ms. Liu Shuqin were also sentenced to four years, under the same charge. Mr. Wang Bo's family firmly practicing Falun Gong, and believing in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" is not a crime. They do not accept this verdict. Ms. Wang Bo's family has appealed to Shijiazhuang Intermediate Court. On February 28, 2007, Judge Pei of Court 2 of Shijiazhuang Intermediate Court accepted the case. Staff from Changan District Court phoned Wang Xinzhong's counsel on March 3. The judge visited Mr. Wang Xinzhong at Zhao County Detention Center on March 6, and talked Mr. Wang Xinzhong into withdrawing his appeal. He told Mr. Wang Xinzhong that the decision has been made based on the evidence and that it did not matter how unjustly he was treated.

After the arrest, Mr. Wang Xinzhong was manipulated into confessing. He was physically attacked and threatened. He suffered great physical and mental harm. He was hospitalized for treatments. Mr. Wang Xinzhong applied for release on bail for medical treatment. Shijiazhuang Intermediate Court interviewed Ms. Wang Bo and mother Liu Shuqin at the detention center. The judge said both of them provided no written statement, and firmly resisted the illegal persecution.

At this time their relatives are looking for an attorney for Ms. Wang Bo and Ms. Liu Shuqin. Sadly to say, the CCP minions arrest lawyers who defend innocent practitioners. Recently, attorney Zhu Yubiao of Guangdong was claimed to be a "counter revolutionary" by the CCP minions for defending Falun Gong practitioners, and arrested and detained. Before this, several lawyers encountered various levels of harassment and worse for defending practitioners. See below information on a few of such brave lawyers:

  1. Attorney Guo Guoding of Shanghai was forced to move to Canada.
  2. Attorney Gao Zhisheng from Beijing was arrested, sentenced to a three-year prison term and is under house arrest in his hometown Shaanxi.
  3. Attorney Yang Zaixin of Guangxi was dismissed.
  4. Attorney Liu Ruping of Shandong was taken to Wangcun Forced Labor Camp in Shandong were he suffered torture.

Therefore, defense counsel for Ms. Wang Bo and Ms. Liu Shuqin has not been found so far.

On March 7, 2007, attorneys for Mr. Wang Xinzhong's case, Zhang Lihui and Li Shunzhang of Beijing, officially accepted to represent Ms. Wang. Attorney Zhang Lihui considers him to be innocent because of freedom of belief. He stated that one couldn't apply the for evil cult law mechanically to Falun Gong practitioners. The judicial interpretations of two high courts are worth questioning. The two attorneys met the judge at Shijiazhuang Intermediate Court, submitted legal procedure, consulted records and photocopied over 100 pages.

The two attorneys looked at the records, doubted the interrogation techniques and results and gave a verbal point of view to the judge:

  1. Violation of the judiciary process is obvious. The case was heard in Dalian, so it should go on trial in Dalian.
  2. The first hearing was delayed for nearly three months and then a verdict was rendered. This violated provisions of the judiciary process.
  3. The facts are unclear. Two of the three accused were not give a verdict. How can one just announce a verdict? According to existing law procedures, the case should be referred back to the Changan District Court and be heard there. Unfortunately, Judge Pei ruled that there would not be a second hearing. Both lawyers still put their opinion in writing
  4. The 360 flyers need to be examined for content. Immaterial evidence can't be regarded as material evidence, such as Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, etc.
  5. Even if it is material evidence, one can't lump evidence for the three accused together, such as the 360 flyers. Such action is irresponsible. Legal precedence does not allow that all three are considered as one, although they are one family. Apparently, the two high judiciaries interpretation is that anything under 300 flyers is free from prosecution, so it appears the 360 flyers have gained importance.
  6. Regarding to the accused's personal belongings of 41,056 yuan and three boxes of clothes, they should have been turned over to the Changan District Court before the first trial. Yet, although the second trial is underway, these belongings have not been turned over to the court. It is our privilege that the trial not continue until the accused's belongings have been received.

According to people in the know, the Wang Bo family case has a "large impact." The second trial by the Intermediate Court is also only a formality. They can't make the final decision. Apparently the case has already been decided and the original sentence will stay. Because the evil party is afraid of the international community's opinion they are "very cooperative" with the attorneys. In reality, they want to get the case over with as soon as possible and imprison the three for torture and harassment.

The chief justice announced during the first trial's court proceedings that the relatives could collect the more than 40,000 yuan. The relatives went to Changan District Court many times to ask for the payment, but had to leave empty handed. The judge's hands were tied. He told them to go to the political protection brigade of Shijiazhuang City Public Security Bureau. Shijiazhuang City Public Security Bureau staff sent a written opinion to the court and did not allow the relatives to collect the funds. We assume that they wanted to pocket it.

The so-called "facts" listed on the "judgement" by Changan District Court:

1. Ms. Wang Bo recorded her being deceived, brainwashed and used by minions of the evil party, and sent it to the Minghui website. It was edited and made into video document for Minghui Focus "The brutality and deceit behind the Focus Talk Show."

2. Ms. Wang Bo, Mr. Wang Xinzhong and Ms. Liu Shuqin downloaded Falun Gong articles, books and videos from Internet, produced 360 Falun Gong flyers, 80 books, and 26 DVDs. Ms. Liu Shuqin also distributed one Falun Gong flyer to Gao Zangshuang of Changan District, Shijiazhuang City. 3. Ms. Wang Xinzhong and Ms. Liu Shuqin also took a photograph of the banner of "Heaven Distinguishes the CCP, Quickly Quit CCP," that was hung at some location.

Making one's persecution experience public also became a reason for further persecution. Ms. Wang Bo, Mr. Wang Xinzhong and Ms. Liu Shuqin are all practitioners. It is not out of the ordinary to download, print and study materials that promote Falun Gong. Freedom of belief is the basic human right clearly granted under China's Constitution. It is also a universal right for all humans. A picture is no more than expressing freedom of speech and is not a crime.

However, the court run by CCP minions sentenced three people to five years in prison based on such evidence. This is totally unjustified. People, who belief in justice, inside and outside of China, please lend your support and help rescue the Wang Bo family.

Contact information of people committing aforementioned crimes:
1. Shijiazhuang Zhao County Detention Center (detains Wang Xinzhong) 86-311-84947842.

2. Shijiazhuang Intermediate People's Court: 86-311-851872140
Criminal Court 2: Judge Pei (female, chief judge in the aforementioned second trial) 86-311-87764145, 86-311-87794242, Fax: 86-311-87793240.

3. Shijiazhuang Changan District Court
Office: 86-311-85814012, 86-311-85815253, 86-311-85814311
Criminal Court 1 (responsible section for the Wang Bo family case): 86-311-85870554
Chief Justice Li Yuhai; Judges Yue Yunzhi and Zhou Wenqing; Secretary: Zhou Jie;
presiding Judge Wang Xu (very evil); assistant presiding Judge Yue Yunzhi (female) and Judge Wang

4. Shijiazhuang Changan District People's Procuratorate: 86-311-85871546, 86-311-85871547, 85871548, 86-311-85871551, 86-311-85813624, 86-311-85816038, 86-311-85874940
Liu Xia, Wang Yang (two public prosecutors of Wang Bo family case)
Chief prosecutor: Li Wei, lw@cajcy.com
Assistant chief prosecutor: Pei Weiqi, pwq@cajcy.com

5. Hebei Province 610 Office:
Address: No. 46, South Weiming Street, Shijiazhuang City, postcode: 050052
Head: Zhang Guojun, 86-311-87906310 (office), 86-311-87906898 (home)
Deputy head: Wang Yongzhi (chief instigator of persecuting the Wang Bo family, plotted "Focus Talk Show" to bring shame on Falun Gong) 86-311-87908681 (Office), 86-311
87906766 (Home), 86-13931110731 (Cell)
Deputy head: Ji Tingyu 86-311-87908895 (Office), 86-311-87906889(Home).

6. Shijiazhuang City Changan Public Security Sub-bureau
Director general office: 86-311-86046234, 86-311-86049296
Deputy director general Liu Zijun (charge persecution of Falun Gong) 86-311-86676214
Political Protection Brigade instructor Li Yanbing: 86-311-86677321, 86-311-96777-21888 (Cell)
Political Protection Brigade chief: Wang Lianxi (participated in arrest of Wang Bo family, relatively evil, former head of Hedong Police Station)
Deputy chief Chai Yanguo 86-311-86677321, 86-311-86212954

7. Shijiazhuang City Public Security Bureau Political Protection Detachment
Li Xingshan (participated in the arrest Wang Bo family, stole over 40,000 yuan and three boxes of clothes)