(Clearwisdom.net) I am an older practitioner. When I look back at the way I have cultivated, my deepest feeling is that everything a Dafa practitioner goes through and every person he comes across is the arrangement of Teacher. Only when we do things according to the Fa principles, will we not do them wrong. Here I will give some examples.

1. I Came Across a Fellow Practitioner Two Weeks after Moving

1.After I retired in August, my whole family moved to another city. The new city was strange to me, and I worried that I could not find fellow practitioners and that it would affect my cultivation and efforts to clarify the truth. Unexpectedly, within two weeks, my son's classmate came to visit us. While chatting I got to know that his Aunt practices Falun Dafa. What's more, there was only a road between our homes. In just two days, I established contact with her. From then on, Dafa materials came into my hands and nothing was delayed because of the move.

2. Taking Part in a Senior Citizen's Event

By chance, my friend brought me to a social gathering with dozens of people who were around sixty to seventy years old. Most of them were retired officials or veterans. Facing these seniors who have been subjected to the poison of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) culture for such a long time, I felt the heavy responsibility that Teacher endowed me.

I explained the situation to fellow practitioners and asked them to help send righteous thoughts, cleaning the field of this group. At the same time I took truth clarifying materials to them and prepared well for advising them to quit the CCP.

One day, an older man who has done propaganda work for many years came to visit me. While sending righteous thoughts, I took out a pamphlet of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party along with truth-clarification materials and said to him, "One of my friends brought this to me with great risk, I read it and was deeply impressed. Please take a look." He said, "Thank you for trusting me." I have heard of the Nine Commentaries but I have never read it. I will surely read it carefully. He put it into his pocket.

This experience affirmed my resolution to save this group of people.

3. Choosing to Go Back to Work a Second Time

I got to know the department manager of an insurance company. In order to help my daughter find a job, I replaced her temporarily to take a training session that was already in its third day. Unexpectedly, after the lecture, the general manager asked me to go to work for the company. I thought, "Can a Dafa disciple do this kind of job?" I was not sure. Then I read an article in "Minghui Weekly" entitled "What kind of People are Proper to be Leaders in Ordinary Society." I understood from it that wherever Dafa disciples work, we can harmonize and correct anything illicit, wherever Fa rectification needs us, we should go there. There are savable predestined people in the insurance field too.

Before exam day, the manager was worried that since I was old and started the class in the middle, that I would not pass, and he wanted to find an another person to take the exam for me. I thanked him and declined his offer. I said, "I practice Falun Gong. I cannot lie or cheat."

On the morning of the exam, I said to Teacher, "I will do this job not to make money, but to establish a good relationship with people. If I pass the exam I will do the job, if I do not pass I will not do the job. In the end, I passed the exam.

Now every day on my way to work and coming home, I distribute truth-clarification materials. I have also distributed pamphlets to the employees of the company face-to-face. Most of them said, "Thank you!"

My life after retirement is unexpectedly rich and intense. I am immersed in Dafa, doing sacred things, and my heart is full of happiness. I will follow the path Teacher arranged, do the three things well, reach Consummation and return home.