1. People Receive Precious Gifts During the Chinese New Year, Year of the Boar

On the first day of the 2007 lunar New Year, short Falun Gong truth-clarification messages appeared in the streets of Changchun City. Pedestrians on their way to visit family members were surprised to see those short messages. Some messages were spray-painted and others written with felt markers; some were done with ink stamps. There were also colorful paper fliers. All the messages were eye-catching and colorful. The main messages were, "Falun Dafa is good," "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good," "The Heavens are eradicating the Chinese Communist Party! Renounce your party membership for safety," "Read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, "Be someone who knows the truth," "The Chinese Communist Party does not equal China; Loving the country is not equivalent to loving the Communist Party;" "A new era will dawn for China without the Chinese Communist Party." All these truth-clarifying messages were a blow to the Chinese Communist Party's evil spirit and to all evil beings and substances that are persecuting the true faith.

2. CCP Flag Lowered in Daqing City

In early February 2007, people were shocked to find that the CCP flags, hung on lamp-posts along two sides of a street in Daqing City, had been lowered. These flags hung on every lamp-post halfway up. The people said, "The CCP is starting to lower its flag!"

In fact, the people who had raised the flags just wanted to cater to the individuals in power and plaster the CCP’s fake prosperity. The CCP and its followers tried their best to maintain power. Who would know that they outsmarted themselves and the flags were lowered against their wishes. It is a sign of decline. The time when the red flag falls to the ground with the fall of the CCP is not far off.

3. The CCP Deceived a Foreign Student to Join the Party; the Japanese Girl Learns the Truth and Removes "the Mark of Evil"

A mixed-nationality Chinese-Japanese family lives in the apartment below me. The young Japanese girl sometimes come to my home to ask me questions about her homework. Today she came again. After asking me questions, I chatted casually with her. She said that she went to Hong Kong for holidays a few days ago and later returned to her hometown in Japan to stay for half a month.

Hong Kong held a huge parade a few days ago, celebrating the 18 million people who had renounced their CCP membership. I asked if she saw the parade. She replied no. Then she curiously asked me why people need to renounce their CCP membership. I told about the evil nature of the CCP and how it had slaughtered numerous people and persecuted Falun Gong, and other facts. Thus she knew about the facts, such as the staged self-immolation incident at Tiananmen Square. Many bad thoughts in her mind were removed.

After understanding the truth, the girl said angrily, "The CCP is really horrible. I am Japanese, yet they still made me join them and I had to accept membership." That was when I found out she has been deceived into joining the CCP’s Youth League at school. Actually, I had previously told her the story of the "evil red dragon," and now I clarified the truth in greater detail. She wanted to remove "the evil mark" from her.

After hearing what I said, the girl suddenly remembered an incident. Although she had not seen the parade denouncing the CCP in Hong Kong, she saw it in Japan. Many people were holding banners and slogans to reveal to people the violent acts of the CCP, but she did not really pay attention.

Everyone can detect the Chinese Communist Party's evil influence, even a foreign student could not be spared. It seems that anyone is their target. We hope that people around the world understand the truth and make the right choice.