(Clearwisdom.net) On February 14, 2007, when Mr. Zhang Guoli walked into the courtyard of his home, unsteadily, with his clothes in his hands, his parents and elder brother came out from the house to receive him. They could hardly believe that standing in front of them was their beloved son and brother that they had been missing for many days. Mr. Zhang Guoli was so thin and disfigured that he was almost unrecognizable. The moment he stepped into the room, he fell down and lost consciousness.

Zhang Guoli's parents and brother cried and ran over to hold him. The family was devastated by grief. Their reunion was heartbreaking. Seeing this, the policemen who had escorted Mr. Zhang home, including Wang Shiwei, tried to leave immediately. However, policeman Han Wei still said that they were not supposed to send Mr. Zhang Guoli home.

Dalian Forced Labor Camp not only persecuted Falun Gong practitioners in the camp, they also extended their crimes beyond the camp. On May 28, 2004, Mr. Zhang was illegally arrested by the police and sentenced to three years of forced labor. At the No. 8 Division of Dalian Forced Labor Camp, as a result of torture, Mr. Zhang developed complications of uremia. He was sent home only when he was dying. The team leader of the No. 8 Division, Jiang Chongjiu, and Wang Shiwei told Mr. Zhang's parents that when he recovered, their son was not to be sent back to the labor camp. It would be alright if every three months they had the village, the Qingdui Police Substation, and the hospital issue a certificate. Mr. Zhang's parents believed them and every three months they had the certificate ready. They even had the certificate for January 2007 ready.

However, at around 10:00 a.m. on February 1, 2007, Wang Shiwei, the team leader of the No. 8 Division; team leaders Peng Dahua and Han Wei; policeman Wang Dezhang of the Qingdui Police Substation; and a cadre from Fanjia Village with the last name of Li suddenly broke into Mr. Zhang Guoli's home. Mr. Zhang was sitting on the brick bed with his father, and his mother was about to get up and cook. They were shocked to see the officers break into their home like bandits. After entering the room, they said they were going to take Mr. Zhang for a physical checkup. When his parents questioned Wang Shiwei as to his initial promise not to take their son back, Wang Shiwei answered, "For sure they have to take him back when he recovers physically." They also said that they would not do the physical checkup at the Zhuanghe Hospital, but that he had to go to Dalian Hospital. They also tried to assure his parents that if there was anything wrong with him physically, if there was a single sign of illness, they would send him back. And then, without allowing them to say anything, they took Mr. Zhang away.

Mr. Zhang Guoli's family was enveloped in grief, indignation and sadness after this heavy blow. His grandfather died of heart disease because his grandson was suddenly arrested again, and his parents both fell sick.

When Mr. Zhang was taken to the No. 8 Division of Dalian Forced Labor Camp, as soon as he got out of the vehicle, Wang Shiwei still deceived him by saying that they would immediately take him to have the medical checkup, and if there was even a single problem, they would release him. Afterwards, they shut Mr. Zhang in a dark room, ordering two prisoners to keep surveillance over him day and night. They tortured Mr. Zhang by forcing him to assume the position called "ride a pony," where the person is forced to squat in an awkward posture and remain motionless from 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

In this situation, Mr. Zhang's physical condition deteriorated and he couldn't eat. It wasn't until February 8, at Mr. Zhang 's request, that Wang Shiwei took him to the Chunliu Center Hospital in Dalian City to do the medical checkup. The first blood test and urine test showed that his condition was abnormal. Then they forced him to eat something and drink a lot of water before they took the second test. After the test, Wang Shiwei and Peng Dahua went to talk for a long time with the doctor. They came out and told Mr. Zhang that everything was normal. The doctor also said that there was no problem with the test, but that Mr. Zhang had to eat more. Otherwise, his condition would result in kidney failure. Wang Shiwei also said: "Zhang Guoli, since you are physically recovered, you can do heavy labor." Finally, they used Zhang Guoli's money to pay for the checkup and also for the taxi. They called his parents and lied to them, saying that Zhang Guoli was fine physically, and he was just thin because of not eating.

Mr. Zhang was kept under tight surveillance. He got more physically exhausted every day, and further complications arose: kidney failure, kidney stones, urine in his blood, blood in his saliva, large amounts of blood spots on his chest and back, and a pulse of more than 120. Also, he could hardly hear anything. Physically, he was reduced to a skeleton. (When he was first sent to the labor camp, his weight was over 130 Jin. Now he weighs only 60 to 70 Jin). He was very feeble, breathed with difficulty, and could only gesture since he didn't have the strength to speak. In this condition, Mr. Zhang Guoli was not able to eat. However, the forced labor camp said that he refused to eat, and they even told him that if he continued refusing to eat, they were going to force-feed him. For those who don't know the truth, a person might think that the labor camp was being responsible for seeing to a person's life by force-feeding them; for those who know, they understand that force-feeding is a means used by the labor camp to brutally torture practitioners. Practitioners have died during brutal force-feeding sessions. Mr. Zhang was clearly aware of this, and he talked twice to Wang Shiwei and Dong Geqi, telling them that they should not force-feed him or give him injections, because physically he could hardly endure any additional pressure. He knew that either of these two means might lead directly to his death.

In the evening on February 13, Mr. Zhang suddenly fell down. His condition at that time was very urgent, and he understood that there was little chance for him to see his parents again. When the doctor from the hospital came to take his blood pressure, Mr. Zhang had none, so he was sent to the Chunliu Center Hospital at Dalian City. They still could not get a blood pressure reading from him. When they tested his blood, the blood they withdrew was dark purple, and they could not shake the blood because the blood was coagulated. Even in this condition, Wang Shiwei and Han Wei still handcuffed Mr. Zhang's hands to the bed. He could only breathe feebly. He became incontinent. The pressure of the handcuffs pained him beyond endurance. He repeatedly begged Wang Shiwei and Han Wei to loosen the handcuffs so that he could breathe some air. Not only did the police not open the handcuffs, instead Han Wei yelled at him and scolded him. Mr. Zhang asked to see the chief nurse, who took the blood pressure again, but it didn't register. His pulse was getting weaker and weaker, and his heartbeat getting faster and faster.

The chief nurse told Wang Shiwei to quickly take Mr. Zhang Guoli out of the hospital, since there was no way to help him. They said that the hospital was not going to take responsibility if he died there. Wang Shiwei said they had to wait for the approval of the Judicial Bureau. If the Judicial Bureau did not approve, they would keep him in the hospital. That is to say, the approval of the Judicial Bureau was more important than the life of a Dafa practitioner.

So at 10:00 a.m. on February 14, the forced labor camp authorities sent Mr. Zhang to his home in Qingduizi in Zhuanghe City. There was one doctor in the vehicle, who was prepared for the fact that Mr. Zhang could die at any minute and who was ready to send him directly to the funeral home. When the vehicle arrived at Zhang Guoli's home, they even dared to tell him to carry his own clothes to his home. He walked to his courtyard with his clothes in his hands. The moment he stepped into the room, he fell down and lost consciousness.

The case of Mr. Zhang Guoli's persecution is only the very tip of the iceberg. In the future, all the Dalian Forced Labor Camp authorities involved in the persecution will be held responsible for their crimes. We hope that the staff of the Dalian Forced Labor Camp will think twice and not continue committing these crimes.

Dalian Forced Labor Camp:

Switchboard: 011-86-411-86859961

Director: 318, Political Commissioner: 389, tDeputy Director of the Surveillance Section: 216
The Discipline Surveillance Section: 275, Reception: 274, Secretary General of the Discipline Committee: 320
The Management Section: 254 ,the Hospital: 268, the Education Section: 358, the Service Department: 273
Division One: 242, Division Two: 370, Division Three: 355, Division Four: 308, Division Five: 218, Division Six: 326, Division Seven: 331, Division Eight: 280,
Clinic: 354
The Leader of Division Eight: Dong Geqi (who was recently transferred to Division Eight)
Team Leader of the Surveillance Team: Wang Shiwei
Team Leader of the Labor Team: He Xudong
Team Leaders of the Squadron: Li Maojiang, Peng Dahua, An Ping
Instructor: Liu Baodong
Team Leaders: Sun Hongxin, Zhou Houming, Wu Wenlai, Wang Huajin, Yang Deshun, Han Wei, Liu Zheng, Yuan Yu, Zhang (who was recently transferred from the army)