(Clearwisdom.net) I have noticed that some practitioners do not pay serious attention to sending forth righteous thoughts and become foggy-headed when sending forth righteous thoughts. I would like to share what I have experienced in sending forth righteous thoughts.

In the first notice by Clearwisdom on May 25, 2001 on sending forth righteous thoughts, practitioners were requested to send forth righteous thoughts three times beginning on May 27, 2001, for five minutes each time. The five minutes felt like five hours. There seemed to be heavy rocks on my eyelids and I could not keep my eyes open. My mind was a mess and I couldn’t remember the Fa-rectification verses. After the first time of sending forth righteous thoughts, I laid down on my bed and was too tired to move at all. When it came to sending forth righteous thoughts for the second time, I couldn’t sit up straight and had to lean against the wall. Right after I sent forth righteous thoughts for the third time, I fell asleep. When I woke up, I felt drowsy and tired. I did not have the strength to even hold a cup of water. I gradually recovered after a week.

In the second week, I wrote the Fa-rectification verse on the wall. When I sent forth righteous thoughts, I tried my best to open my eyes to read it. However, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. They seemed to be glued shut. After I sent forth righteous thoughts, I couldn’t move again. Why? Perhaps I didn’t have enough sleep? I slept for a long time on the day before sending forth righteous thoughts, and hoped to keep clear-headed when sending forth righteous thoughts. However, this didn’t help at all.

Later, the Clearwisdom website published an article by a fellow practitioner who had a similar experience. I then realized that it was evil interference from other dimensions, and I should study the Fa more, do the exercises more, eliminate interference and strengthen my righteous thoughts. The situation continually improved over time. Every time I sent forth righteous thoughts, I tried my best to keep myself clear-headed, and finally I was able to overcome the problem and I no longer felt drowsy. However, another problem emerged. I didn’t usually cough, but whenever I sent forth righteous thoughts, my throat felt itchy and I was interfered with by coughing. It was especially so when I sent forth righteous thoughts together with other practitioners. I thought this must have been evil interference from other dimensions, so I eliminated it. One day when I sent forth righteous thoughts, I felt like coughing again. I thought about not coughing and suffocating the evil. I held my breath, and strengthened my righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. At first it was extremely painful, and then it was difficult to breathe. However, after about five minutes, my throat no longer itched, and I stopped coughing from then on. I eliminated the interference! Some practitioners still cough to this day, but I hope they will also eliminate the interference.

Sometimes after sending forth righteous thoughts, I felt full of confidence and went out to clarify the truth. The moment I stepped out of the door, I felt a "whiz" in my heart, as if someone had just squeezed it, and almost pulled it out. If I acknowledged it, I felt I had to go back home immediately. At moments like this, we must be clear that this is not us. To suppress it, we told ourselves, "That’s not me. Eliminate it!" Immediately, the discomfort was gone. Many practitioners and I eliminated the interference this way, and it worked every time.

In June 2001, the eight thousand yuan bail I paid was due for return. I wanted to get it back from the police department. The evil was quite rampant at that time, and other practitioners did not want me to go. I thought I must get back my money. I could use it to print more truth-clarification materials and I should not acknowledge the evil persecution. I sent forth righteous thoughts for a month at home, and thought about how to act righteously with righteous thoughts.

I went to the police department with my child in my arm. No one inquired about me at the door, and I went straight to the political security office. No one was there except a policewoman looking after the office. I told her why I came. She asked if I still practiced Falun Gong. I asked her back, "What do you think?" She said I had to wait until the chief came back. I said, "No, I must get it now. I live far away. I have my child with me, and it’s not easy for me to come again." She told me to wait outside. I went outside, and two policewomen were there. They asked me if I practiced Falun Gong. I said yes, and went to their office with them, with my child in my arm. They asked me to sit down, and I began to clarify the truth to them. I told them why I practiced Falun Gong. One policewoman also suffered from a slipped disc and couldn’t find a cure. She said she would also practice Falun Gong after Fa-rectification. She said the government was stupid not to let people practice such a good thing. Then, the policewoman from the political security office expressed the same opinion, and agreed to refund the money. I got my money back without any problems. It wasn't as hard as I'd imagined. This is the result of righteous thoughts and righteous actions.

During these years, I always paid close attention to sending forth righteous thoughts, whether it was to clarify the truth or to rescue fellow practitioners. Once I sent forth righteous thoughts for over an hour. I couldn’t put down my hands, and I could not move my body, yet the righteous thoughts were whistling out, Falun was turning faster, and the hand gestures were very powerful. Some practitioners said that they couldn’t make powerful hand gestures because they were older. That’s not the case. It’s because they didn’t send forth righteous thoughts well. Some practitioners even gestured Heshi after sending forth righteous thoughts, some raised their hands above their heads and some felt drowsy when sending forth righteous thoughts. These are all wrong.

I send forth righteous thoughts every day. With Teacher Li Hongzhi’s benevolent help, I wasn't persecuted directly by the evil during the past few years. I believe it was because I made sending forth righteous thoughts a top priority.